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There are 3 Mike Creuzer's in the US currently. Make sure you got the right one...
There are 3 Mike Creuzer's in the US currently. Make sure you got the right one...
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The struggle is real... 
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Giving this share a try. This is a Google Cardboard Camera VR photo. Not sure how G+ will present it. You likely need to download it and view it on a Google Cardboard for best effect.


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Got the old forge lit today. I made a fire steel. A friend came over and he worked on a small hatchet from an old hammer. He also helped my eldest start a fire with a Ferro Rod. Her first fire. She was struggling, but pushed through the frustration, and succeeded! 
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This is a test post of a Google Cardboard Camera VR photo. Not sure how google will present the panoramic photo. If you download the full size one (as I uploaded it, not sure if G+ re-writes it) and put it into DCIM/CardboardCamera the Google Cardboard Camera app should play it back in 3D with audio.

I made up a quick panoramic camera rig from some junk I had in my garage and some clamps. One can never have too many clamps. Next step is to make it tripod mounted sized.

The camera is stepped back so it has a better view of the small space I am trying to capture. 
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I found a Microplane Classic "Try Me" Zester. It weighs in around 4 grams. It is small, and light, and works great. The edges aren't the punched metal style but raised knife style.

I like good food. Fresh spices help make food good.

I made a rotating leather cover for the grater. Just a simple rivet and a bit of scrap leather. It helps protect the little blades and actually makes it easier to use by giving it a handle.

Tops out at 8 grams with the leather and rivet.

I suspect it would shred softer dried plant material into tinder very well. I haven't tried it yet. 

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I recently picked up a used CNC Router. It's a big machine for the hobby side of things. I think they call it a 60150. It will hold a 2 foot by 4 foot piece. 220v water cooled spindle. It's a solid machine.

It had been suffering from disuse - not neglect, just simple not getting used enough. Rust pitting on the important bits and some rusting on the threaded rods. A couple of years in an unheated garage without being used to re-coat all the parts in oil will do this.

Not too much work to clean it up. It took a couple of evenings over a couple of weeks. Last night I got the electrical stuff all sorted and got it to move!

So I dug up a bucket, and connected water and electricity to the same spot on the machine. This is generally a bad idea in my experience.

It cuts! A little bit of tweaking, and it cuts correctly!

About an hour into running it, it gave an error and shut down. Not really sure why, but I think it's because the controller got hot. There was a reading of 75c on the screen when I was pushing buttons. I think I found why the controller box was open.

Next project is to improve the airflow in the controller box. I have a plan for this. I will install rubber grommets around the holes the wires poke through too.

I also need to learn about "Speeds and Feeds". CNC Routers have an ideal window where they work well for a given material. The 3D printing methodology of slowing down, sorting things out, then speeding back up does NOT apply to CNC Routing it appears.

Lots of photos in the album. Each one is captioned.

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In what appears to be a race to the lightest and cheapest Walmart flashlight... My 6 year old picked up a $1 regular priced headlamp. She also figured out a clever way of wearing it that I would have never thought of. Half of this post is her styling the flashlight.

I tossed it on a scale. 28 grams or 7/8ths of an oz. Single coin sized battery. 3 LED bulbs. Bright enough for moving around slowly.

Not very durable I would suspect, but we will see what the toughest gear reviewers on the planet will make of it.... Kids! My kids have been banging around the other $1 flashlights and they have survived thus far.


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I stopped by IKEA tonight. Found an interesting poncho. It's sleeveless, just two velcro slots you can stick your hands out of. Basically an umbrella you wear.

My scale says 185 grams or 6.5 Oz for $6. I can roll it up to a soda can size. Polyester, so a softshell type material.

The seams are taped. The holes have a reflective trim. It should be big enough to cover the smaller bags the members of this community would likely use.

While the thought of a multi purpose poncho tent sounds like a good idea. How do you stay dry when you set it up? I'll carry 2 pieces, thank you very much. I like to be able to go pee in the middle of the night. I can use it as a ground cloth or something.

Might be helpful if you don't already have a poncho and want something cheap and simple.

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I am working on a messenger bag. Today I was able to use it for the first time... as a diaper bag. It's got a long ways to go - like a complete disassembly and reassembly. I am waiting for parts at this point.

I pile of captioned photos in the album.

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Adventures of a door.

Over the last few weeks, my front door has gotten a little blue.

I think it turned out pretty good. My wife picked out the color, I just applied the paint. I don't think she realized that I am going to get some white letters for above the door and label the door "Police call box".

Having seen all the kids and junk I've crammed inside, it is indeed bigger on the inside than it would appear.
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