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From what I hear from Canadian friends, the conservative illness is spreading there, too.
Let them all move there in my opinion
i am staying here if romneys pres
So noone wants the conservatives? Let's put them on a raft and send them to cuba them
JoPa Mi
Really? I might move there!

It's no better here in Canada our prime minister is a douche
JoPa Mi
Im thinking Australia, Sydney looks incredible. 
maybe Ecuador is a decent place.. Assange thinks so
I don't care about Obama but If I can't live in the U.S.A. then it's Canada for me! XD
Dori B
I'm not moving to Canada or anywhere else for that matter, Obama or not.
45% atheists... Can that be backed by science? :)
People have died from lack of health care due to Canadian government run health care! And millions waiting for treatment.
You should do a little more history on Canada before you speak. There is no Country in this world today who is not run by Greed and Power.
I would never move to Canada. Magazines are like $2 more. What a rip off.
I won't live n a country ran by a non-christian.
Thanks +Mike Clancy very interesting, I'd like to see what the latest census data indicates. Either way if I were to live in either country Canada would definitely be my first preference..
Who wants to live in a country run by christians,that just another excuse for hidding junk under the rug. I was raised by so call christians and they are bigger sinners,
Hope China have a person like Obama
+Constance Chaisson a lot of Christians aren't self righteous hypocrites, its such a shame that the few ruin it for the majority. As is the way with most things in this world
Blain it on Powers of politics, it,s been goning since the begining of time, it stil all boils down to power and greed and money.
Sorry I must have missed this I am Canadian and proud of it we treat EVERYONE as equals and do not push our beliefs upon others we are a FREE and PEACEFUL country
Yeah, you're right, like most religion in this world.
Over 100 plus ones and 60 shares and I get one new circler?!  Gotta love G+  ;)
 I,m also a proud Canadian but our Country is still run by a bunch of political idiots who are greedy and wasteful.
my ancestors defected from Canada in 1813 for land bounties. Promise me 160 acres up there and I'll bring the family back!
dont see whats wrong with the gay marrriage part... -_-
Jesus also said to love everyone and to not judge its not your job to judge or condemn others based on their actions only God know your heart
While I know that Canada clearly has socialized health care, and recognized gay marriage, the other stats look wrong to me.
+Jono Lewis   So is shellfish and cotton wool blends. Get over your silly little religion.
I agee, if you want to marry a duck, who cares, that whats wrong with this world we spend to much time paying to much attention to other peoples buisness.
if God didn't like gays.... then why did He make them? God loves EVERYBODY... period
Sort of wish people would focus on the behaviors which do NOT involve love. Why stop someone loving someone else.. can't we focus on hate and being bigoted and aggressive with people that don't believe the same as us?
Can they take a few of the crazies w them....
if there was a god, governing our lives and our destine, there would be no need for a president
You got that right about the taxes, try living here and paying them.
We could go on and on about what we do not like about others or we could choose to treat everyone as equals and see past are differences if we could all manage to do that maybe just maybe we would all have Peace in this world 
USA has Google, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, IBM, LinkedIn. Canada has ... RIM ?

Anyway, seriously, Canada is THE PLACE to live. Wouldn't change for any other place.
So you're saying gay marriage and freedom of religion is wrong? Sounds like you should be shot before the president...
It dosen,t matter where you live, its what way you go about doing things in life.
No one hates you +Jono Lewis I just believe if that we could all love and respect one another regardless of our differences that we would all as a whole live better lives :)
I would move to Canada is Obama DOESN'T get relected! GO OBAMA!!! 
Not all parts of Canada are the same. Their healthcare system is crumbling and will eventually go back to private.
So, your point is that while America is like screwing the best looking chick at the fat farm, hey, it could be worse? What a great standard you hold your country to. When the looters run out of people to steal money from, what are you going to fund your programs with? Money from those wonderful Euro countries you so much want to be like that are all going broke?
How true that will be because the goverment will have more to spend on them selves and wasrte more.
why all the complaining. some people will never be happy anywhere.
No, I'm staying here in the US and keeping my private health insurance.  My daughter had a pre-existing condition at 18 and had to either go on costly Cobra or get her own insurance.  She was 18 and and was on her Dad's insurance when he got laid off of his great job.  Because of Health Care Reform, she was accepted on my insurance without pre-existing excluding her.  Her Dad's Canadian.  Moved back to Canada.  He has health issues and can't see a doctor for months. Nope, I'm staying right here in the USA. God bless America!
These stats are screwed. You cannot abort full term. And wow too much hate!
You couldn, t have live in B.C, you have to pay a monthly fee to the health care and plus pay big taxes, more then any other province in canada, I should know I lived there. They charge you more for everything in B.C and every July 1st they add 2,5 cents to a litre of gas for some excuse they call envro taxs. Just another taxs grab by the B.C goverment.
I’ve got an idea. No matter who wins the zealots at both ends of the political spectrum move out. But don’t go to Canada, that would be like America taking a crap on her neighbor.
I'm moving to Guam just cause it sounds cool.
my mom said the same thing but about mitt romney and george bush
Canada no America no Canada no America.... Come on guys, its not like you live in Sudan or Ethiopia. Be happy with what you've got. Because this debate shows just how lucky you all are.
ter nea
I remember once...a long time back, somebody who had lived in Canada told me that if ten people applied for a job in Canada and one was Canadian born....that the born Canadian automatically had to be chosen for the job. Is that still true up there?
I find it highly disturbing that the most important part has been left out of the comments! Abortion at full term is murder!
I was born at 6 mos!
would much rather live where everyone is accepted & respected. You dont have to worry about he/she said then everyone suing everyone!
Why not move to Canada, the Goverment of Canada sure helps everyone else, excepts  the people who pay the taxes in Canada.
Ahpra maple leaf cool moosh icon tc kiwi cool .
Our majority conservative government is destroying Canada as we know it. You talk about health are being an infringement.. Workers from 3 companies across Canada (1 Public and 2 Private) have been robbed of their right to strike and their right to collective bargaining.

Our pensions are under attack, just like te rest of the world and most Americans would have a heart attack that most of us pay 30% in taxes.

That said, we are a proud nation that respects all cultures, enjoys more freedoms than you (No Patriot Act) and dominates in Ice Hockey (usually).

-But we also pay the most for telecomm services..
Truly ironic. But the athiest number doesn't sound right to me. Many Canadians aren't terribly regular churchgoers but people still have religion and the Christian majority is split 50/50 Catholic/Protestant.  The big different though is that our politicians NEVER talk about religion. They basically aren't allowed to, it would be beyond bad form to cite the bible and evoke God the way American politicians do. Even the conservative party which has a lot of evangelical christians never talk about religion in their campaigns. Seperation of church and state goes both ways you know?
Atleast there is no Obama in Canada!!
If they don't move there, they will eventually declare a jihad -- oops, I mean, of course, crusade. I keep forgetting which is the "good" one...
Religion is like a penis.
It's ok to have one,
It's ok to be proud of it.
It only becomes a problem when you wave it around in public.
I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
Most of these wouldn't know where Canada is.
Haha, I got a better choice: Moving to China where is great!
Not until the fat lady Sings!
45% atheist.. that's my kind of country!!
Canada, 100% safer than America, Established by Queen Victoria
Canada is not such a bad place. We have a better education system, longer life span, better looking woman, better food, better whiskey, healthier society and for the most part people can actually speak two languages. In the US for the most part people can't even speak english.
Ooooh oh oh what was that? Was that music I heard? Gosh I hope so!! Dang that fat lady can sure carry a tune no? I am tired of my home being an Obama-nation! xD
"Why don't poor people just buy more money?" --Barack Obama
Im happy in florida .lots of crap but dosent snow
Canadians are very realistic people. And good for them. Their country is in a much better state than the U.S. hm, i wonder why? Oh, probably because of the points mentioned in the image.
I like the fresh air when it get colder, also there's nothing like the winter wonderland !
I would not fit in at all. I'm a conservative Christian and am prolife. If Obama's reelected I would probably move to Alaska. 
+Marty Bluet screw you Atheprick Douche bags like you are the poison of everything! Sincerely - A Christian who doesn't take shit from jerks like you.
Yo Canada rocks!! I've lived in both countries and Canada is Better in these terms::.. They have moved past social issues such as gays and abortion and to better things such as economic growth and sustainability while America is still knee deep in s***
+Connie Calkins you can't abort past a certain point. The thing is wrong a little. It is legal, but there are limits on when you can do it.
By all means, abandon-ship when the water isn't to your liking.
Guess what...
You don't deserve to live in a country as great as Canada or America. 
 Who are we to judge what others choose to do.. that statement, that judgment in itself is bias, stereotypical and can cause way more damage then good.. whats the point?.. We all bleed red... don't we!
You're right on most of this with the exception of Abortions..24 weeks is the absolute cut off in Canada..but in 99.999 % of the cases it's 20 weeks. Many doctors refuse to them at all.
grass on the other side looks greener u wanna go there
Jeremy your a conservative Catholic and you Cult leader wants you to have a whole lot of kids because they need more gold statue's. and it sounds like your not a think for yourself person so you must be Republican and Alaska is one of our 50 states.
+Alexi Bryant , if u know ur beloved once are in wrong path...its ur duty to show them the right path...
I would fit right into Canada even though I am neither of those things. just for the healthcare and knowing that I wont be left to die. But I would still stay in the U.S.
Then how about these socialists move up there? I like that better.
that's the beauty of west , "TRUE LIBERTY" !!
Have you ever lived there? If not, you appear to be very judgemental of your friendly northern neighbors.
Canada is great because of the conservatives!

BTW that stat about 45% being atheist is crap. It is as false as saying '45% of Americans are vegetarian'

Actually canada is nice, I visited on vacation once. The racial harmony I experienced was like a breath of fresh air.
I will stay here with my apple pie eatin' baseball playin' chevy to the levy drivin' pet Bald Eagle....and Toby Keith.
sorry we dont need anymore right wingers we have a Republican style government doing a fine job of trashing our country and gutting every environmental law  for their friends in big oil!
I just give up on politics it a bunch of crap it all lies
Americans only move here for the maple syrup and and over priced cell phone plans. Wait... Ummm... I mean the CFL and true Canadian hockey eh!
And American for ever it gonna be hell when u hear mother freedom star ringing her bell - Toby Keith love him
Doesn't matter where you go or where you are at because there is depravity every where.
+Dustin Dvorak that's exactly what prairie life is like in Canada. Seriously... If that's your thing you'd fit right in some parts of Canada. Lol
Lol, more idiot libs thinking they're somehow a majority. Conservatives outnumber libs by nearly 2:1. (Gallup)

If Obama gets re-elected ill just denounce my citizenship. No one cares if I'm here legally and there are no benefits of being an American citizen that are worth having to live by his rules.
+Christina Perez Shhhhhhhhh.

We're trying to keep New Brunswick a secret from the rest of the world.  I prefer my traffic jams under 15 minutes in duration.
J. Hart
Abortion has no time limit?  So parents can abort their adult children?  Interesting..........
I love the enormous quantity of trash these posts always generate.
So no beggars on the streets, everybody's happy including the gays, no  crazy religious people, and rape-victims can abort. Sounds good to me. No need to move though, we have all of that right here in Denmark and other developed countries.
How about move to Canada if you want:
Freedom to practice beliefs
Low crime rates
Great job opportunities
An excellent education
A secure future
A stable economy
A society who cares about people
A beautiful landscape
A high standard of living
Cleaner air
Cleaner cities
Respect for other cultures
.... a happy life!

I may not agree with everything that that happens in Canada politically, but let me tell you from first hand experience, this country is GREAT, and a wonderful place to live!
Obama is an asshole. But he's not getting reelected with his crappy approval rating............unless the liberals cheat...
Just wait, the liberal party is gonna have 6-year-olds, illegal immigrants, and even dead people vote. xD
@Marty Bluet, I have to say I don't understand people who become angry because religion exists. If you don't agree then don't believe in it but allow others the right to choose their beliefs and the dignity to not be harassed because of it. I claim no affiliation and am advocating nothing other than tolerance. It's been my experience that people who pride themselves on their open mindedness become complete fascists when religion is mentioned. The attitude becomes "no one should be allowed to believe that because I don't agree with it". Well you can't say that and then try to do something like show support for gay marriage. Either everyone has the right to believe in and live the way they choose or no one does. That means that people have to open their minds to the idea that other people have the right to disagree with them and that can be a tough pill to swallow. But it's that or a planet full of people who think they have the right to dictate how everyone else lives. Do some people take religion too far and try to shove it down other people's throats? Yes. Do you get this upset by commercials trying to shove products at you or the media trying to shape your thought patterns? I doubt it but you probably should. No one has the right to say that everyone has to agree with them.
Hey people stop blasphemy the #1 voted country in the world to live !!!
Canada. The BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. No questions asked!!! It is a privilege to be Canadian!
Leo T
Canada is for losers.
Only move to The Great White North if you like 4 seasons, expensive gas, 1/2 your income goes to taxes, you don't mind not owning a house and Stealing Harper killing the middle class.
+kevin ivory I can't speak for others but the reason I have something against religion is that in general I have found it promotes ignorance. People similar to you always say be open minded. Saying that a being in the sky created everything is not being open minded. Also you tell me to accept others beliefs when others beliefs have throughout history caused mass war, poverty and selfishness. This is something I find highly unintelligent and lazy which are attributes I never want to be used to describe me or anyone else in my species. Try to understand when people use their faith to try and trump scientific and mathematical fact it seems rational to get at least a little bit aggravated.
Here in Canada, our Conservative prime minister would probably not be conservative enough to be an American Democrat. So, sure, come on up.
who the hell believes in god nowadays anyway? thats like middle age stuff
well unfortunately..a second after your dead,,your a now before its too late
Thats funny,
But I live in canada!!
U.S. sucks!!!
Well not really sometimes it's nice down there.
im an atheist so i bet i'll fit right on in i always wanted to go to Canada anyway
Is there something wrong with not going bankrupt to visit a hospital? Being gay? Or not believing in God?
This post is complete BS. Canada has a higher percentage of Catholics than the US and has a direct and straightforward government. If anything, the country has shifted to the right in the past ten years, hipster neighborhoods in Vancouver and Toronto excepted. But healthcare in Canada does suck, especially the wait times.
According to Wikipedia, 46% of the Canadian population is Catholic. Mix in all the Anglicans, Muslims and Sikhs and you're 45% Atheist is anything but true.
I'm of English Canadian decent so can I be slotted in somewhere...I'd love to come home before the Yanks get  
Well in that case I would fit right it. It's the cold that I wouldn't be able to handle.
I live in Buffalo..takes me 30-40 mins to get into Canada...Take it from me it sucks..And people need to get off our president nutts....he can't satisfy everyone and he's doin the best job he kno's how.
Oh gosh freanch's are still back wards i swear....
They just act and talk uffff
+Jono Lewis Well, God created Adam and Lilith, but that didn't go so well, so he created Eve.

...Yeah, your whole Bible has been revised to the point where entire characters are removed. Let's cut to the killcounts of God and Satan, shall we? Both direct, and indirect. God killcount, several billion. Satan killcount, 8.
For anyone who doesn't get it, this is a stab at Republicans, not Canada.
Yeah come to Canada, abortions for everyone! Might want to check those facts, pretty sure no one's getting abortions at 8 and a half months....
I hope Google makes a hostile takeover of America.... that would be sweet
Matt V
I know this is supposed to be sarcastic but to me it's listing good qualities. Religion only gets in the way of progress & more people need abortions. 
Two men (or two women) cannot be married no matter how many pieces of paper they get from any government.  If you believe otherwise it's because you don't know what marriage is or why you need it.  It also means you're doomed.  Goodbye.
Luckily for us there's no way he'll be reelected.
+Michael Pratt Sydney is fantastic. Warm, sunny, good beaches, fun night life, few people care about religon or carry guns. Whats not to like
The world is changing and there's nothing you can do about it. Gay love is the same love you feel, so why shouldn't they get married. And if you don't start thinking out of the picture, you're the one that's doomed. Even ancient Greeks supported homosexuality and still their societies were far more better than any society today. Goodbye
Just so people know, there are several Christians who support gay marriage. It is not a entire religion against the idea. Just a few outspoken members are making the entire group look bad. There are also gay Christians.

There are disagreements over the interpretation of the Bible among Christians similar to the differences of opinion held by Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims. How else would we have Catholics, Protestants, Baptists, 7th-day Adventists...
I think,it doesn't matter where you go,if you aren't happy here,you will feel the same somewhere else so my point is fight for what is right,we all have this feeling that tells us what is true......
Sounds perfect! I think I'll move to canada.
No of us are moving anywhere else, no matter who wins the election.
It's not like you can just move to another country as if you were moving to another state. I suppose that some can do it illegally but to do it properly there is a process that can take quite a bit of time and lots of paperwork and there is no guarantee that they accept you.
If it was that easy, people wouldn't be sneaking across the border in Mexico.
Why did you tell them? It was going to be such a great surprise. lol
I can't accept things like gay not only because religious but they are beyond human's nature in my opinion.Aliens may like such things.
Kyon blame the heterosexuals, they are the ones that keep having homosexual babies.
I see some of u don't get it. Re-read it Smarty pants
The OP may lament the fact that Canada is not the right-wing bolt hole that he would like it to be, but it probably would not accept him anyway.
I have a better idea. Send President Obama here. Please.
Canada is an awesome country! I'd be proud to be Canadian just like I'm proud to be American. I'm glad we are working in the healthcare problem here but I'm not happy about how its being done. It's going to cost a ton and I just think everybody should know the costs personally before our country goes broke. Nobody has told us how much our taxes are going to go up to support this universal coverage. It's not going to be free!
Atheist? Are you Sure?
#5 we have better beer
Is that 45% atheist stat correct seems rather high
Estimates of atheism are all over the map ... see the wiki regarding Statistical Problems.   Look at the comments regarding Canadian opinions in the same article.
Secondly, the difficulty in assessing any one argument does not infer anything about any other argument ... that's illogical reasoning.
Canada is the best sample that the US could follow. Nothing better than the Canadian experience to show us how to govern the country.
Mo za
No point moving to or from a first world country to another they are all going down
+Aly Clark
It's not that Quebec is different from the rest of Canada, it's that each province is different from one another. If what you mean is that Quebec is 85% French speaking and the other Canadian provinces are 85% English speaking then I agree. But Quebecers/Québécois want the same things as most other Canadians; a good job, a home they can call their own, good health, a good education for their kids that prepares them to be successful as an adult, good friends, good food, and a nice car.
Ok there are a couple more things that differentiates Quebecers; their love for Les Habs ( aka the Montreal Canadiens), their devotion to vacationing in Florida and their love of partying.

Wink, wink
( a former and proud Quebecers)
Conservatives are really talking about moving to Canada if Romney loses? That choice definitely surprises me.
Ohhh...come on stop trying to talk them out of it...geeze
Vive la canada. Happy Canada day to all follow Canadians. Oh if there are any Americans who wish to celebrate what a great nation Canada is, you are all invited north of the border on July 1st.
Canada finances their health care program by a mandatory tax on food, goods and 'luxury' items, and is exactly what Obamacare has been ruled by the Supreme Court - get ready for taxation on top of the current taxes, America - you asked for it! By the way, expect long delays and reduced coverage, because the Gov. will reduce payments to Doctors and hospitals, similar to what they do with Medicare - good luck.
I should move there! Sounds amazing!
Abortion has no time limit.  Terrible.  What kind of fool would keep her baby full term only to get rid of it?  So many people wanting to adopt out there, too.
i think it should be the other way around, I'll move to Canada if Obama DOESNT get elected...
Definitely only one side of the quarter here...
I've never considered leaving the US... Until I saw this picture. It makes Canada sound great! I want in!
I was planning to move if Obama was reelected. He is dragging america down to a 3rd world nation and I don't want to be here when it happens.
Reading a lost of these comments, personally I wouldn't want you here in the true north strong and FREE!  HAPPY CANADA DAY TO ALL MY FELLOW CANADIANS (no matter what your religion, sexual preference, etc.)  Oh, and by the way, guns have to be registered up here, so that counts out 50% of you whom probably want to move over your politics.
No, I'm not moving to Canada. I'll just keep voting intelligently, unlike the slight majority of the population.
Republicans: you can't just MOVE to Canada. It isn't like moving between states. Canada doesn't just let anyone in.

Also, those of you from Southern states are going to be very upset with gun laws and the weather.
Canada, sounds better with every passing year....
Why can't we ever just get a good president they all have to have  problems.  Dose america just have bad luck at chosin presidents.  Maybe Mit Rodney will be better.
might as well just move to an island lol
+Hayden Webster, can you name a country with a perfect president right now?  I'm just happy we've stayed relatively moderate.
pray for us, our nation is in trouble
The illusion that a president has any real power, is just that. Who ever gets in, will only be a puppet of those behind the throne. We just work the best way we can and try not to be hostile about things we have no power over. Somethings will always be bad for someone, but hate makes it 10X worse for yourself...and if your really over the top.. for others. Lots of things are wrong. Lots of things are right. The choice is where you wish to put your focus.
Zachary, I completely understand your aggravation. I happen to share it. I do. As I said, I'm not advocating religion. But it isn't going anywhere. Its here to stay. I'm not an atheist but I gave up on organised religion a looooong time ago. At this point they all seem to be more about financial gain and maintaining power through fear of damnation than doing good for people. But that's true of any organisation of that size. Well, maybe not the damnation part but anyway.
With all the problems and intellectual censorship that can happen within religion, I can't honestly say it shouldn't exist. The same thing happens in the scientific community. Look up a man named Chip Arp. He's an astronomer whose observations led him to conclusions that didn't line up with established theories. Nothing having to do with religion, just pure scientific research. He was black balled and cast out of the scientific community and his research buried merely for suggesting an idea. That's just as wrong as what the catholic church did to Galileo.
So it turns out I'm rambling. Here's the thing. I know a lot of people whose faith really does have a positive impact on their lives and those around them. I may not share their beliefs but it's wrong to say those beliefs shouldn't exist.
What if we take earth, and push it somewhere else!!?
Sounds to me like your trying to convince me to move there XD but I'm also one one of the idiots who agreed with what inspired this post
I have never been to Canada beforebut if i have a chance, I'll go there some day
Come for a visit with an open mind and you will want to stay. Canada may not be the best in the world but it does not try to run the rest of the world or print money it can not afford. One hopes China does not foreclose. l f O'BRIEN
i love canada,i wish travall there someday and study there for phd. but i do not any money.
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