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Those of us with OCD kids or tendencies will really appreciate this one ... #7 even got to me.  
Via +Dave Hoffman 
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(•__•) ... staying calm.....FIX IT!!!!!!!
Can't take the strain.. Must organize immediately...
This was awesome. But the way most people type on the web, I'm not sure I could surf it and read all these comments. U kno, if I hadd OCDD abot theez thing. s.
Seeing all of those examples hurt - have to fix them.
Joy R
Had to stop at #9, just a little to spot on for my crazy self.
One thing not on the list and that always bothered me, was a teacher failing to erase all of an example on the chalkboard. The tails on the lower case Gs and Js were the most annoying.  After this took place, my gnat-sized attention span was History.

I don't have a problem, though..
I dont hve OCD but it was kinda hard for me too, especially #7
I don't have OCD either, but seeing these kinds of things helps me to be more "tolerant" of little faults like this.  Makes me care less about things like that and focus on more important matters.
I don't have OCD. I have CDO. It's like OCD but the letters are in order. Like they should be.
It would drive me nuts as a matter of fact I am trying to use the force to make it better but it's not working aaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
Omg 12 and 13...I have to take tablets out of a packet column by column... 
And I hate when crisps are opened wrong!! Arggh!! 
It's neat to see which ones bother a given individual. For me it's really just the verbal ones, and the seat-belt latch, although the latter isn't OCD as much as good old fashioned paranoia.
They all get me does that mean o have dco
The man hole covers not being lined up properly makes me nuts!!! I think looking at these has confirmed my suspicion that I have OCD.
I have CDO.... its OCD, but in order like it should be....
Wow ... this post made the "What's Hot" list ... must be a lot of you people out there !
Number 14, who would do that, how could you think that would be right!!! and agree with +Cullen Cloud , I think they originally called it OCD just to test those with CDO
Nooooo. Someone fix it. Or I will! Lol
About to poke my eyeballs out IF SOMEONE DOESN'T FIX THAT. +_____+
If this bugs you, you aren't OCD, you're just bothered that it is turned the wrong way.
If you open and close a door three times before going into a room then you're OCD.
I wanted to comment on this post, but it would make the number of posts uneven (43) so I hope someone posts another comment real it now.....hurry.....come on man...i'm freakin out man!
Unused time on the microwave gets me so annoyed (#15)
i love those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fantastic...maybe I am more OCD than I thought
Some men just want to see the world burn
WWMD? (What would Monk do?) Probably......suicide. YUP.
I don't get how something so little can bother a person so much
I swear, my sister MUST have OCD... either that, or I'm just a slob
The picture of this bothers me beyond reason.
people are weird about things like that y waste ur time getting mad at that
WHAT THE HELL MAN.......................................................Your supposed line them up by two stacks, next to each other and eat the hell out of them!
18 was kinda cute, but 17 & 19 would have me ripping up tile.
Eleven newtons exact. And one is killin' me.
I've never been able to play with stickle bricks because of number 6.
I actually wonder if this post is legal? Showing this to a population with OCD is like using strobe lighting at an epilepsy care clinic.
Everything in the universe is balanced. People like balance, live in balance. Things that are out of balance tend to be the things that disrupt nature. This bothers people, it doesn't mean they are OCD.
Y'know.... Fig newtons are good, but one of these ones is demonic... guess which one
number 6 is my enemy, I play with them with my kids and it bothers us both.  Number 11 is easily fixed, Yum!
I don't have OCD but some of these images gave me a headache!
Reminds me of the empty coke I get from a vending machine years ago. Not only was out empty, it was a Christmas can in June on Florida.
8 11 12 and 13 REALLY messed with my head

it is leaning a little back and to the right ...
13.... If you cannot open the bag the right way, you deserve no chips
And #6 I actually remember those crap-tastic lego wannabes
My wife has a light dusting of OCD, this proves it.
i think its imperfection that gives something its character
Isn't this more about people with OCPD rather than OCD?
I thought I would not be affected, but some of these really bug me!
Xia Zhu
I'm #19 that really irks me...
Some of these gave me anxiety... really.  Although I have to have all the labels in my pantry and cupboards facing the same way (forward).  The floor tile ones really bothered me.
The tiles piss me off, but that's more a shoddy workmanship thing.
The condiments really bothered me.
#7: This is more or less how I laid the tiles in our living/office area (40 sq m)... My main excuse is that I had furniture everywhere that needed to be shifted each time as I put in PEX underfloor heating pipes, screed and finally got around to the tiling!

BTW, my wife finds it a lot more aesthetically pleasing than the boring straight lines you get from most 'professionals'...
now I know why my eldest daughter calls me 'anal' - lol !
JP Lang
The floor tiles. Especially the one in the bathroom.
As I clicked on this, being an anime watcher, I thought of Kid from Soul Eater.XD TALK ABOUT OCD!! google him, you'll know what i'm talking about. ^_^
Wow, I wanted to reach into the screen and fix them!!! Dang
And I can't stand it when we have Wacky Wednesday sometimes at school... Ppl have their hair down on one side and a messy bun on the other... Different socks, shoes, bracelets.... ARGH! I don't really show that I'm aggravated, I just wanna punch them.... :P
Whoever opened that chip bag upside down....I will destroy you!
Omg...this is torture!
Lolololol! It was so frustrating looking at those pictures!!
3, 9, 14 pretty much the same thing... 
5 was funny ;)
but 7... ugh... that one made my skin crawl
MAKE. IT. RIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!! pulls hair out of skull and jumps off cliff
Sweet! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode!

>> <<
Mike B
Don't worry, I didn't want to sleep tonight. My mind is going to be thinking about these images for a bit. 
made me go completly freakin' nuts.
Why does everybody like to think they have ocd? It has become trendy to have mental disorders and people think it is a desirable thing to have, why?
the tiles annoy me soo much!!
Wow, my OCD is worse than i thought, that gave me such bad anxiety...
This was painful on multiple levels.

PS: another annoyance.
THiS iS ANNoyIng tO SomE PeOplE.
How annoying lol, im like that with the volume on tv or stereo i like it to be on an even number :-)
haha, most of those things drive me crazy. I constantly straighten things in my place and even my friends houses. I even eat my candy in order of color and when someone comes and takes one not the color I'm eating it drives me crazy
OCD sucks Everything has to be perfect! My pants have to be even with my waste or else I get totally distracted!!!
each annoyed me...each one more than the prior, but not as much as the next...
Will P.
I've never liked #06 and now I know why! Everything about that toy is just wrong!
Wtf just suicide meself. Me going to troll me self
I have OCD and I wasn't able to finish looking at the stuff. I made it to the Lego thing. The first thing I thought and experienced when the site opened, with the first image, was an incredible wide-eyed gasp (and surprised myself) at the sight of the pencils. Since I couldn't straighten them, I had the immediate ability to imagine it. I saw them in my mind with all the tips sharpened to the right length and all of them turned the same direction. I've never been diagnosed with OCD but after awhile you start to notice your own idiosyncrasies at things that aren't perfectly stacked, lined up, straightened, etc. I don't have an extreme case that would keep me from living my life but it can be annoying. I have to correct all of my errors as much as I can find them. I have to straighten my nick-knacks when I pass the shelves they're on, and don't get me started about my hair. I have to complete the process or something feels incomplete and perhaps a tad askew. Hm.
I know, like they couldn't come up with one more??
Most of those images were okay. The manhole covers, however, were driving me crazy. For f*&%'s sake couldn't someone just turn them to line up. Like. Now!
Bill M.
Appears I'm not QUITE as OCD as I  thought I was.
I have OCD & everyone of those drive me crazy. I notice things like that when others could care less.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is my name. Please fix the damn newton! :/
I found #20: closing the web page before my wife could count how many bothered her :)
Why would that happen how could he just blindly place the CDs in order than place one the other way
One often overlooked is the proverbial paint defect - RIGHT OPPOSITE THE TOILET!! One of my bathrooms has one that more than one "guest" has commented looks vaguely obscene, a few said definitely.
So, how do you drive an OCD paint client insane? 
The beginning of a biggie.
I had to head into my office and sharpen all the pencils to the same length just to offset the effects from this. I would have spent hours carefully rotating that damn fig newton workout opening the package. Worst for me are the tiles, so damn permanent!
Oh man, these are really good.  Even some of us that don't have a serious case of OCD get really annoyed by most of those.  ^.^
ocd is made-up of 3 distinct parts..the above type is just one of them ( and they're very different from each other ), but all have one thing in common : an anxiety dis-order first and foremost
Lavie L
Godammit BE IN ORDER!!! (frothing at screen like a feral kangaroo)
Lavie L
That'd be the cruelest thing u could do to us OCDs.... Pure Evil
Lavie L
:) ah the joys of being half-insane.

Isn't life grand?
Ill just make some paper mache asses and leave them at burger king.

Someone will get it!
#20, different foods on one plate and they're touching each other.
Did I lock that door?
Not nice. You know people do this on purpose to drive us nuts.
These were painful, but luckily not too painful. Thansk.  :-P
Funny my old boss would have went crazy lol funny 
I cannot believe how worked up this link got me.. it made my heart race to the back of my mouth..

Breath Sandy, BREATH!!!!!
Knows that the millions spent on rectifying this *£¡€@%¥ @!-™¢ errors in the real world would be worth it.

Insomnia tonight. Nice.. Thanks. muted
Fucking amazen try doing it.when your high lol
How bout the fact that's there only 19 Things and not 20?
My son would be going nuts with the Lego one.....must be symetrical! Oh and he gets it from me...those pencils are atrocious!
(Adrian) Monk would not like these pictures.
For a minute or so I gained an insight in to what it's like having OCD... Horrible, especially 14 and the last one! Made my skin crawl.
Lolz , dont worrie people you can photoshopped the images hehe
You left out Geary architecture and the pyramid that just doesn't belong at the Louvre.
How do the ocd's feel about Picasso?
Number 2, whyyyy!? It would only be worse if it was a painting!
Number 6, have to fix!
Number 11,no use in keeping the package closed. Better get to work.
I like it. That's art!
I can appreciate the beauty on things being out of kilter but if its something like pencils lined up but not perfect or a dish or pan thats not quite clean, it drives me nuts. I can't stand it when people do a job but they half-ass it.
I get annoyed by unused time on the microwave simply because I want to be able to look at the clock. Of course if the clock isn't set, that bugs me even more but I think thats more just that I want what I want when I want it. Lol
Guess I pass the test. None of them got under my skin
Happy to wake and see this post still trending.  Some funny replies.
Since I have a tendency to be a little obsessive, and I'm a tile setter, there's some people that need to be put to death because of these floors! Okay, they all bug the hell out of me!!
OMG! I can't look at them anymore! Lol
It isn't the pictures which disturb you, it is you who disturbs the pictures.

Personally I don't see what's wrong with any of these.
I don't think you even have to have an OCD for most of those to drive you insane!
Aaaarrrgggghhhh I can't take it any longer....
I would complain to the a just a tad ocd
I showed these to my wife and she almost had a brain aneurism....
I'm not COD but I was able to spot all of the "inconsistencies"
i dont have OCD and i dont understand #2...
Youch! Nearly choked on a couple of those. 
I only found them very funny...
(What is OCD?)
I do not get the ketchup, mustard and relish one. I stared at it for awhile and nothing. 
Matt V
+Justin Evans Because the relish wasn't consumed at the same rate as the ketchup & mustard. Like when your computer shows your printers ink levels. 
Great, now I have to go check to see if my eggs are evenly spaced.
I just reheated some fried rice and three dumplings. The dumplings were spaced in a triangle on the plate..  I'm beginning to worry.
Pig Newtons!!!!!  See Louie C.K......
the only one that really got me was 15
#6 gets me.  I must fix the toy, but otherwise I will use this as a weapon of mass destruction. 

Every male in the house will intentionally leave one second on the microwave EVERY SINGLE TIME just because of the reaction it causes.  My daughter made that and issue with the boys and then it became a requirement.   :-D
bb smth
take it out and eat it , its all good then
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