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This made me giggle some more :D

Had the privilege of shaking the hand of @Cmdr_Hadfield today. Great to meet you  and thanks for coming to Cardiff!

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This sounds pretty crazy! 

Today's #GoogleDoodle much fun! This counts as work right?

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Chris Hadfield is awesome! 

It seems odd that #kitkat is designed to run on phones with less memory but won't be coming to the galaxy nexus.

White 32GB #Nexus5  ordered!

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I just found this image on the internet.

It is a great example of how much work actually goes in to the computer programs we use so often.

To view the image without blur, just click on it to view it full screen, as then it loads as full resolution.

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Check out this video...maths is everywhere!

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Parenting done....right?
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