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Photo of tonight's nearly full moon through my new 10" newt and a 20mm eyepiece. Samantha is enjoying the views as we warm up for Tuesday's lunar eclipse.
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Mike Case

What's in my glass now (post your pics)  - 
This was a nice surprise. I'm delighted to find such a nice sparkler from my home region, and a nice value too. 
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Yep. Yakima apparently. 
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Mike Case

Feature Requests  - 
Here's an idea for #glass.  I'd like to see the timeline cards grouped into bundles by day.  All of todays cards could show on the timeline, then yesterday's would group together into a bundle titles "Yesterday", followed by a bundle for "2 Days Ago", etc.

That would make it easier to jump back to a card from two or three days ago without having to scroll through every item that's been logged between now and then.
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+Mike Case If it's the first time visiting the community you'll have to visit the MyGlass site and click the Explorers tab—then you should be good to go. From then on you can click the link +Spencer Kleyweg provided above to access the community. 

+Spencer Kleyweg Thanks for chiming in! 
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Mike Case

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I, for one, welcome my cybernetic future. #googleglass
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Mike Case

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When my current riding mower dies, I'm replacing it with one of these.
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Mike Case

What's in my glass now (post your pics)  - 
Here's the line up of wines we'll be taking on our cruise leaving this weekend. Can't wait. 
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Well, anyway, let's change the subject, what I've been trying to say so ineloquently is : those are some nice wines....haha....actually I'm quite curious about that Pedestal  supposed to be good, I guess we must patiently wait for his return from that cruise, hopefully,  he won't be detained for bringing too many bottles on board....haha
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Mike Case

Discussion  - 
Can't say I agree with this author's thoughts about Glass, specifically this line  "...and continues to make less [sense] the more I learn about it"

The more I use Glass, the more I'm convinced of its potential.  While it's clearly limited in usefulness today, it's easy for anyone who ties Glass for more than 30 seconds to understand how useful Glass could be once the ecosystem is built out and the hardware gets a little more consumer oriented.
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It's snowing today so I thought I'd try out the #GoogleGlass   #vignette  feature, which looked pretty cool.  Then the google made it #autoawesome  

Very Cool!
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Mike Case

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Just got confirmation my Google Glass order has shipped. I'm hoping for an early Christmas present. w00t!
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