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Mike Case
I collect spores, molds, and fungus
I collect spores, molds, and fungus

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That's a great idea
Hotels should offer a service where they text you when housecleaning is done with your room.

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When my current riding mower dies, I'm replacing it with one of these.

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Can't say I agree with this author's thoughts about Glass, specifically this line  "...and continues to make less [sense] the more I learn about it"

The more I use Glass, the more I'm convinced of its potential.  While it's clearly limited in usefulness today, it's easy for anyone who ties Glass for more than 30 seconds to understand how useful Glass could be once the ecosystem is built out and the hardware gets a little more consumer oriented.

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Here's an idea for #glass.  I'd like to see the timeline cards grouped into bundles by day.  All of todays cards could show on the timeline, then yesterday's would group together into a bundle titles "Yesterday", followed by a bundle for "2 Days Ago", etc.

That would make it easier to jump back to a card from two or three days ago without having to scroll through every item that's been logged between now and then.

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It's snowing today so I thought I'd try out the #GoogleGlass   #vignette  feature, which looked pretty cool.  Then the google made it #autoawesome  

Very Cool!
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Just got confirmation my Google Glass order has shipped. I'm hoping for an early Christmas present. w00t!

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Just got my Google Glass invite and I'm super stoked.  We have tons of ideas about what we can do with them here at +Vivid Learning Systems!

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This is cool. I'll have to try it with the kids. 
Lenz’s law & why do magnets fall more slowly through a copper tube?
When you move a magnet past a metal plate or through a copper tube you generate a current.
The current it’s self generates magnetic fields which oppose the magnetic field generated by the magnet impeding it’s movement
The key is in explaining that the law runs both ways; current generates magnetic fields, and magnetic fields generate current.

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We got a new #Lenovo #Yoga2 laptop in the office this week.  I was impressed by the build quality and overall lightness of the design.  I still think it's a little large to be used seriously in tablet mode  but it's not nearly as ridiculous as I expected.  

The most notable aspect of the Yoga2, which I do absolutely LOVE, is  the high-dpi screen.  3200x1800 pixels crammed into a 13" display looks amazing.  That's a solid 275 ppi.   It makes looking at the dual 22" 1920x1080 screens I'm typing on this looks shamefully bad with their pathetic 105 ppi.  The difference in text and image crispness is startling.  

Why the heck can't we get high-dpi desktop monitors? All the desktop monitors I can find are stuck at roughly 1920x1080 for 19-22" screens or 2560x1440 for 27" screens (both ~105dpi).  I'd happily pay $800 (roughly 4x the price of a current mid-level 20" display) for a 20"ish display with over 200 ppi.  I can't be alone.

According to the link above the situation won't be improving anytime soon :(

#Desktops #Monitors
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