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no more ads
no more promotions
no more corporate sell-outs offering up song fragments...
~ LOOK Either give us a SONG - or D O N ' T (waste our time)
no more spam from sleazy b*tches trying to sell sex

Good Luck, bill payers.
208,269 members is a ship that is S I N K I N G.

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So called Commission On Care Report enrages veterans:

The plan calls for completely dismantling the VA health care system and selling it to for-profit hospital corporations. They recommend closing 160+ VA medical centers, 1,000+ VA community health clinics, and forcing the VA’s 6.6 million patients to seek medical assistance using a voucher system - essentially a health care coupon.

Immediately, eight of the largest veterans’ service organizations in the country - you know, the veterans who will actually have to live with this disastrous proposal - expressed their outrage at the idea of selling the health care they fought for down the river.

In their joint letter, the groups staunchly condemn the proposal and question the secretive process it was borne out of. They raised vital questions and concerns about the plan to begin closing VA health care facilities, citing the specialized services the VA provides for veterans, and the utter lack of consideration given to veterans who want to improve it.

Policy Brief re Commission on Care Final Report:
Major Recommendation Ignores Data, Risks Veterans’ Healthcare from all these professionals

Association of VA Psychologist Leaders
Association of VA Social Workers
Nurses Organization of Veterans Affairs
Veterans Affairs Physician Assistant Association
American Federation of Government Employees
National Federation of Federal Employees
National Association of Government Employees
National Nurses United
American Psychological Association
National Association of Social Workers

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Just made a Bumper Sticker ....
In response to Marco Gutierrez, founder of the group Latinos for Trump who asserts that his own "dominant culture" is some sort of threat to the rest of us.

The cool thing is you can cut it into four stickers - one for each corner on your block.


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My life in Alpha World. I built a lot of this in the 90's and went back and logged in as a tourist to see if it was all still there.

It Was!
I stumbled across this MASSIVE monorail system, so I joined in and ran a few lines myself. Thanks KoToff , if you are still out there.

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Some of the nicer pieces I made in 2015 - the year I learned to work glass threads in a propane flame.

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here it comes ....
another massive wealth transfer to corporations.

the peak oil scenario was not entirely wrong and the premise still holds:
we are in an energy depletion scenario in which we lack a replacement fuel ....
that we can afford.

AFFORD meaning the producers.
they are kind of like your kids with massive student loans now.

can they sleep in your garage, please?

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Invented during ArtWeek 2016:

A gravity fed water supply for the Glastar grinder to help keep the bits wet. (I use an inverted jewelers bit, so it's too tall for the normal saturation method; a sponge) The flex arm is one of those grabber tools for when tiny screws fall into unreachable places. It even has a light. This opens up entirely new techniques in grinding, and can also be used with the Dremel tool right over the same platform.

Parts from Home Depot.
Total cost about $20
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