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Ed -

This is an amazing site for your dad and family!  Thank you for sharing - It's truly beautiful!

Take care,

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Mike Cachine

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Is it possible to allow commenting on a Google Doc without Edit rights to that document?
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Bryan - I'll test it out in a sec - Soon as GDrive App is available again!
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Mike Cachine

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Does anyone have a best practice for deploying Google Drive in an enterprise - with shared drives across business units - I'm thinking same premise as "mapped" drives without the infrastructure. Looking to replace DropBox completely but need to also make it simple for non-technical users.
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I Think we are pointing up the need , in an enterprise implementation, to understand the actual working scenarios. My example is a small org that works collaboratively within its division and does not have a manager assigning documents to be worked on. I did however want the documents to be owned independently of the users so that we could know that documents are created appropriately in the business process and not moved or deleted. There are scripts owned by the "document manager" that allow the user to create documents .
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Mike Cachine

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I was cruising along just fine for a week or so with my Pixel and today I can't seem to connect to squat via my business Wifi - I'm tempted to powerwash it but thought I'd check here first - seems very strange since I know the network I'm running on is fine - my MacBook connects to it great and speeds are excellent.  The Pixel however seems to have just shut down from a connectivity standpoint.  Any thoughts?
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Thanks Mike! Did the trick!
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Mike Cachine

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Hello - I'm new to the community - just joined this morning.  I put my Retina MacBook Pro aside and started running on the ChromeBook Pixel exclusively this weekend - I'm still trying to find that one app that is going to derail this transition but considering it's been 4 days now...Haven't found it yet. Lack of MS Office probably will be an issue at some point in the business but literally my use of that is one time a Qtr at best.

Anyway my initial thoughts are that the Pixel rocks! I've got the LTE version and it saved me last night with a quick pull over the car and knock out some work where Wifi wasn't available. My company uses Google Apps / Cloud extensively but I'm the first to make the 100% web plunge.  Granted I wish there was a 15" version but for a 1.0 device I'm really impressed with the feel, performance and overall quality of the build.

Looking forward to engaging in the community here and learning from all of you that took the plunge much earlier than I...
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Really need raw image editing for me. The pointer behavior in crouton is still to painful.
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