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Mike Broderick Voice Over
I'm an American Voice Over Artist in the United Kingdom (UK). Owner: Mike Broderick Voice Over
I'm an American Voice Over Artist in the United Kingdom (UK). Owner: Mike Broderick Voice Over
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Looking for a Corporate Voice-over?
Please have a listen to my demo.
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Ok, it's not new music, but I'm really happy that The Chocolate Invasion and the Slaughterhouse (both fantastic) as well as Crystal Ball are now widely available on streaming platforms and for purchase as digital downloads.

I never belonged to the NPG Music Club, so had never heard the Chocolate Invasion and The Slaughterhouse, and they're great.

Piano and a Microphone. What's everyone thinking?

I've heard a bit of it and must say I think it does a disservice to Prince's legacy.

Yes, Mary Don't You Weep is good, and I like 17 Days, but the sound quality is awful (terrible hiss that could easily have been removed). And it's clear many of the songs aren't finished or polished.

I hope his family and his staff do a better job in the future at safeguarding his legacy, because there will certainly be much better material in the vault.

Your thoughts?

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Just released today by Prince's estate. The original version from 1984. It's great.

Nothing (and nobody) compared 2 him. RIP Prince.

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>I am looking forward to hearing his unreleased music, but I can't believe his heirs sold it and other rights for only $35 million. That's way too cheap.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Universal Music in private Prince songs deal -

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My Phone/On hold Messaging Demo.
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Some of my Christmas presents from my darling: It's been good to get reacquainted with the Batman soundtrack; I am enjoying HitnRun Phase One, and I hear Phase Two is even better.

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Ordered the Batman CD for Christmas on Amazon and got a free digital download of it. I owned it when it first came out. It still sounds fresh 27 years later.

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Most of you probably have all of this already, but I thought it was worth a share.

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My nephew singing Purple Rain at a tribute to #prince in L.A. (Better Quality than previous upload).
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