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Mike Branski
Aspiring photographer. Web developer extraordinaire. Stormtrooper in a past life.
Aspiring photographer. Web developer extraordinaire. Stormtrooper in a past life.

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I love how they've embraced this!
So iconic it needs no introduction. Learn more about this trooper at:
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FRIENDS WHO WRITE: do you add images to your posts? I want to because it really spruces things up a lot, but struggle to find something relevant. Honestly, I think my bigger issue is a lack of a branding to build on top of.

I could use your input!


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Anyone else feel yourself always falling behind on personal projects? Establishing a schedule will help! Seriously, I have been making some great progress on things these past few months, - on top of buying a house, - and that is an incredible feeling. Look forward to so much more from me in these next few months.

#goals #hobbies

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Ages back I shared progress on my first attempt at costuming, a stormtrooper pepakura helmet. My interest and effort ebbed and flowed, and I eventually scrapped it. Years later, I’ve undergone some pretty big life changes (marriage, divorce, new job) that…

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I love these stories!

I've been reading up on hydro-/aquaponics lately. I'd really like to create a small-scale sustainable garden in my condo. I'm thinking about removing the closet doors in my office and starting something in there since I don't use the space.

#gardening #hydroponics #aquaponics

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I love their philosophy toward game play. Keeping the focus on enjoying the world they created, plus being able to share the rewards account-wide means you aren't punished for rolling new characters. I'm definitely looking forward to Heart of Thorns!
In Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, we're reimagining the model for endgame progression. Learn about The Mastery System in this article: #GuildWars2   #GW2HoT  ~Stéphane

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Plan less, do more - a new mantra for an old problem.

I wrote Relearning How to Have Fun 21 months ago, and yet, reading it again today, I feel like I just stepped out of a time machine. It is just as relevant as when I wrote it, but with a key distinction: I’ve gone through a tremendous amount of change…

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I performed my first hardware surgery last night, replacing the cracked glass of my sister's Kindle Fire. I tore it down to its brass tacks, as a railroad builder is oft to say, and it all worked a treat and was a ton of fun!
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