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The Venice update that started in late January had significant impact on Google local search results. We saw an increase in the display of the PlusBox, an
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I keep seeing this, but it's the complete opposite of what I am seeing in the aesthetic surgery space. Really curious to see how many other industries may be seeing what I am seeing. Commented on the blog, maybe someone else will share similar experiences.
Definitely +Mike Blumenthal. I would LOVE to chat on this. Venice has been driving me insane, mostly because what I keep seeing in my particular search space vs what everyone else says they are seeing are totally opposite. What most people are describing now are things I was seeing/experiencing in 2010 with the integration of Places into the SERPs. With Venice my particular search space seemed to turn on its head and feature fewer blended results and more local packs when dealing with localized queries.

The only consistency has been that we are definitely seeing more localized results for broad queries like "dentist" or "plastic surgeon" than before, which everyone else has been seeing/discussing as well.
I read your post. The question I have is around your definition of blended. 
Does the increase in blended result lead you to believe traditional seo is going to overtake local optimization?
In my post you read my ideas on that. Both are now necessary. 
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