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+Randy Milanovic Excellent question!
What is this api and data good for? Besides significantly more historical data than you now have access to you now might be able to:

- Create month over month, quarter over quarter or y/y (once you have archived enough data*) comparisons for the location
- Aggregate multi location data into a single overall report
- Provide m/m, q/q or y/y view of the multi location data
- Compare one location or more locations to other locations performance
- Compare percentage/relative gains by location and across multiple locations
- Consolidate this data with data from Google Analytics and other data sources into a dashboard for a better understanding of overall kpis for your locations both in aggregate and individually

This sort of data analysis would allow for a multi-location business or even agencies to do split testing of marketing efforts to see which led efforts led to the greatest gains in which markets.

Essentially it means that an agency or service like Moz/Yext or a multi-location business could build out more sophisticated analytics that allow them to make more data based decisions about their marketing,

From Google's POV it will tightly integrate the GMB into the marketing efforts and mindshare of the largest multi location chains and agencies.