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The removal of Adwords Express from Google Places Dashboard raises some interesting questions:T
-Will agencies become the primary sales avenue?
-Was google dissatisfied with current sales?
-Is this just a sales growth strategy or did google find that even with a very simple self serve interface that most adoption was by agencies?
-how will google continue to attract self serve SMBs?
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Nice post. Let's face it wasn't very effective was it.
Yea, nothing but horror stories on my end from it. Crap product done away with I hope.
Effective can be viewed from two vantage points - Google sales and customer value...

We have no idea on the sales side.

On the customer value side I have seen it be effective in some very low budget situations and not effective in others. Problem is that most SMBs have no idea how to assess effectiveness.
You're right but I just meant from a user/customer satisfaction pov.
Rubbish! Placement was terrible and it's still seen by users as paid for search I think. People are smart they avoid the orange box results. 
I'd say that this actually is a smart move, since a lot of people are logged in with different accounts, which leads to creating 'new' adwords accounts, while actually having a running an account already.
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