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We must hold elected officials accountable on #guns. More in my interview with Piers Morgan:
Mike Bloomberg joins Piers Morgan to discuss guns in America and how we must hold elected officials accountable.
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So what, you are for stomping on my rights because of someone that went postal?  
Lorraine/ not so much.  There was a study done a few years back and run on ABC news.  Civilians were armed, taught how to shoot, trained on police sharpshooter courses, and given ample practice time, all without knowing the real purpose.  Then during a group assembly, a "gunman" was thrown into the mix.  Chaos reigned.  Not one civilian was able to get off a good shot and most would have been dead had the ammo on either side been live.  I'm not anti-gun by any stretch.  But I don't take great comfort from the idea of being surrounded by civilians who would be just as likely to shoot me or each other as the bad guy.
I hate to tell you this +Joanne Friedman but they did that same study for police officers and found the same results. When PEOPLE are being shot at there not as accurate as at the range.  But in most cases people with Concealed carries have more time at the range then most police officers.  All of what I just said adds up to the fact that if you give the gun man something to distract him and use up rounds on then why not?  and preventing me from buying guns will not stop them (i.e. bad guys) from getting guns.  I mean hell if you a bad enough guy the US government will give you Guns.  
+John Barney You're right.  In fact, the report this morning stated that the CO shooter had a 50%+ accuracy rate, which is more than double the 25% average for police.  On the other side, a friend of mine in FL with a concealed carry permit accidentally shot himself in the femoral artery taking his gun out of his truck. 100% accuracy there.  Died in minutes.  Again, I'm in no way anti-gun (just a really acknowledgedly terrible shot).  The key isn't the amount of time at the range, it's the level of ice water in the veins that allows someone who has never in his life been faced with an armed assailant to think clearly (and shoot accurately) enough to avoid making a bad situation worse.  What would you say to periodic license renewals to include vision and dexterity testing, especially for older gun owners?  My friend was a senior who probably should not have been carrying a loaded gun under any circumstances.  Not pushing that, just curious as to where you'd stand.
I think everyone with a concealed license should be required to take continuing education courses. In my job in electronic security I am required to take courses yearly so are Lawyers and police officers so why not concealed license holders?
+John Barney I'd vote for that.  ;)  And I'd like to see at least a cursory evaluation of the person's current state of sanity.  At least a depression inventory.  But I get that that's never going to fly because it smacks of Big Brother. 
+Jack Carpenter III  Do you have anything on non-fatal shootings compared to the other non-fatal events like the MV accidents, medical malpractice, and so on?  And does "homicide" include accidental shootings?  Not arguing, just asking. 

As for a depression inventory not being necessary, I think there's plenty of evidence that depression is a root cause of a lot of violence, both other- and self-directed.  It's not the be all and end all, but if even a few on the edge could be eliminated, that's got to be a plus, right?
Yeah, I've been through the half-assed verification that came back to bite me.  I'm a freelance writer. Documentation is my middle name.  Okay...actually it's Marie, but I answer to pretty much anything. 

I'm not trying to put you on the spot or troll for anything.  You seem to be someone with some actual information beyond the standard knee-jerk emotional reaction, so I'm picking your brain.  Don't feel compelled to put undue effort into answering my questions.  Given time, I can probably find the information myself.  You're just an obvious shortcut.  LOL
Oh, and you're right on the money with the depersonalization angle.  The key is to find a way to short-circuit the gut reaction that leads to violence.
I'm not putting a quality judgment on guns.  They simply are.  What we do with them is where the quality comes into play.  But the 8775 number, where did you get that?  That's far lower than the 31,000 cited in the articles.
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