Milky Way Light Trails On Loveland Pass

Several years ago, I caught a pretty good shot of some light trails as a big tractor trailer crossed over the top of Loveland Pass.  I had planned on going up that night to shoot some meteors and having struck out, I resorted to some alternatives.  So looking back on this initial image as being the result of an afterthought, I couldn't help but wonder what would happen if I really applied myself to getting a cool shot of some light trails.

So one night in February (2013), I headed up for a spot I had in-mind - once again, on Loveland Pass.  This time, I had a spot picked where I would shoot from the relative safety of the shoulder of the road on the downhill side of a curve.  The uphill side had very little room between the driving lane and the 20'+ wall of snow.  Of course, capturing these light trails is anything but an easy task with a semi driving by about once every hour or two.  But this is when a funny thing happened…

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