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I learned something new today about Google+...

Theres a new album organizer tool that looks great but when you move an image to a new album, you'll lose all your likes, comments, and shares. Hmmm... :-(

On a related note, I have a new photo album that now shows off my favorite Milky Way images.
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Then i'll just repost my likes! haha.. loving the photos still... dreamy and surreal... good for daydreaming...haha..
Apologies for sending your red box mad, but you have some really amazing images. :D
+Mike Berenson I've moved hundreds of photos with this tool and I've never lost comments ,plus ones or shares. Sorry to hear it didn't work for you. Did you report feedback?

Great images!
Absolutely beautiful, just love to see the Rockies among the Stars:)
Google isn't perfect. Your photos are close to being so. Nice work and thanks for posting them.
You know, your right, nothing, absolutely nothing in this world is perfect, you got that right, but boy those pink roses look close to perfect to me, lol...loved seeing them too.....girls love a rose, lol..
they are all magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wonderful. I love them
Wow! Thank you everyone!

+Darryl Van Gaal - you are correct. I've been using a composite approach on some of my long exposures where I do one long exposure for the foreground and a shorter one for the stars and then blend the two together.

+Mahesh RS - I've been using a program called Registar from to help with the stacking and then Photoshop to do the blending with the foreground image.
Thank you for your suggestion, +Tony Payne, I went ahead and submitted some feedback in that direction. Much appreciated!
You know, it takes a very expressive ''type'' of person to create such beautiful works of arts, music, paintings, pictures and writings....Me being one, I truly appreciate a artist that has that certain kind of ''sight'' to see what some folks can't....Its nice to be among people that can see that expressiveness in someones work, such a pleasure...
Shazam! Mike, was this one exposure or an overlay of two or more?
Wow! Very kind words +Lisa Edwards, thank you very much for the feedback!

Hi +Randy Allen, this is a composite image with one long exposure for the foreground and 10 stacked exposures for the sky - all blended together in ps. I hope you're doing well!
All true words.....Keep doing what you do, you obviously have a gift....
Worth Reading through the Rubbish to get to!
Hi +Joshua Conroy! Thanks for the great feedback, much appreciated. I'll be starting up some workshops and learning resources soon, but I thought I'd let you know of a great starting point. +Alister Benn has an excellent ebook titled "Seeing The Unseen" that I highly recommend for night photography: Good luck to you and let me know if you run into any questions...
very biuty
thank u vary much
Not good - I think I've moved some, I will just "copy" from now on?
No problem - it's very well deserved! Your work speaks for itself. :)
(I always tell people I follow or recognize on there, it would suck to miss it)
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