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Has Google+ implemented any sort of api, or other ability to post outside of Google+ itself that I just don't know about?

I think there's a good chance that New Edition is going to show up on my top 3 artists by number of plays this week on

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Thanks +Mario Fink for the heads up. This is definitely worth a read if you find yourself coming down with responsive web design fever. I don't agree completely, but there are definitely some good points made.

Everybody ought to pick up that responsive web design book from a book apart and start sunsetting their dedicated sites. If people really wanted watered down mobile sites, we'd never have bothered upgrading smartphones from wm6, blackberry, etc. 

so can you add friends to Spotify if they aren't on Facebook?

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Trying this out now.
This makes G+ considerably easier on the eyes. Recommend going into options and turning off "fix top bar" though

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Search Engine Land on NPR's science friday.
I'll be talking about Google+ on NPR's Science Friday today, a little after noon Pacific Time. If you don't hear it live, the link below should be where the recorded version shows up.

My kingdom for the ability to post to google+ via email

I don't think this exists, but does anybody know if there's a way to post to + outside of the web interface yet (via email, chrome extension, etc), or are we just twiddling thumbs until the API drops?
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