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The +Adafruit Industries  #Trinket driving two servos (horizontal and vertical) with a laser to show the scanning (the full video will show it scanning up and down also).  Less than 2K of flash used of the 5310 bytes available, plenty more room to do more.
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Ah, reminds me o't mills in Lancashire t'ah knows..
The red LED light flashes as the vertical servo uses PWM on Pin 1 (the horizontal pin 0).  This is a holdover from seeing that the '85 has three PWM (0 and 1 on Timer 0, 4 on Timer 1).  I wish the Servo8Bit library worked (seems like you have to chose one timer over another though) but I like many others on the Interwebs could not get it to work.  SoftwareServo seems fine but the disadvantage is the servo refreshes every 25 ms.
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