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G-Day is Coming.
A recent discussion about G+ with +Russ Thornton and +Nathan Gehring on Twitter got me thinking. Many of us love the Google+ platform, but the audience just isn't there yet (hence, a G+ discussion started on Twitter). As a result, we continue posting to multiple platforms in a rather inefficient way. I propose an experiment where us multi-platform social media addicts choose one day to focus solely on Google+. No posting to Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, and no checking the accounts. One day off those platforms cold-turkey. On "G-Day," we focus our attention to posting and interacting with people on Google+. I propose we promote #GDay ahead of time and gather participants. The result should be a day with abnormally high activity on G+, which would be a sort of simulation for what the platform could look like in the future.

If I'm the only doing this, there is no point. So, let me first propose a date. How about we plan G-Day for next Friday, January 20th. Instead of "Follow Friday" on Twitter, it will be "Follow-me-to-Google Friday." Leave a comment to show support for the idea, or if you have any good suggestions. If there is support, we can start promoting it.
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Now we're talking. Thanks for posting this, Mike. I'll share on Twitter and hopefully get some more people over here - both in this thread and on G+ . . . permanently. Appreciate you kicking this off
Thanks, Russ! If the Thornton horde follows, we are sure to get some attention.
I think it's fascinating that you describe and include yourself among the "multi-platform social media addicts". Who would have thought?! :)
You've got me there! I was trying to appeal to folks like you, and took some liberty by including myself.
Does Google+ have an equivalent to Facebook events? It would be interesting to create a GDay type event that can be shared. Or how about a GDay circle we can all share? I'll create that circle and share it. Feel free to do the same. Google+, here we come!
Interesting idea. You need something like this to drag me onto G+ for even one day.
I'm happy to be added to the GDay circle. I am not sure I can completely give up my other favorite places for a WHOLE day though...
Leslie dragged me into Twitter a couple years ago, so I'm finally returning the favor by dragging her into G+. The Twitter experience has been great; hopefully G+ will be too!
Great idea! Count me in.
hilarious that your plan is to promote more activity on G+ with a twitter campaign and #
I'll try it. But please remind me about it on Twitter :)
In. Google+'s circles are the silver bullet for me; I was always just waiting for critical mass. Think it may be here.
To take full advantage of G-Day, we really need to get a Hangout going. Hangouts are one of the areas of Google+ that seem to have a lot of potential, and really differentiate it versus other social media platforms. I have to admit, however, that I haven't participated in one yet. I bet there are a lot of other people like me. So let's change that! Let's get some cool Hangouts going this Friday. Between +Nathan Gehring, +Russ Thornton, +Bill Winterberg, and others, we should be able to come up with good topics and facilitate a Hangout or two. How cool would it be to have some face-to-face interaction to show off Google+'s benefits? I could see topics like:
*Advisor technology Q&A
*Blogging and social media for advisors
Get thinking about topics for a Hangout, and as we get closer start promoting your time slot. If you don't have a camera on your work computer, consider borrowing one for the day. Or, maybe your personal computer at home has a camera and you could host an after-hours hangout. I also believe that the iPhone (and iPad) app for Google+ allows you to join an Hangout, but not start one. I might have to go that route if I can't beg, borrow, or steal during office hours. Get creative!
To follow on the Hangouts idea, would an advisor be willing to host an open house for prospects? This could be a chance for investors to interview an advisor live, with other people in the room. I'm not sure what obstacles there might be to doing this, but if anyone is interested, I'd be happy to promote it (and attend) to see how it works out.
Mike, can you point me to a good FAQ or overview about what participating in a Hangout involves?
I'm willing to jump on a hangout or two as my schedule allows. Great idea, Mike
I think one of the best parts of G+ is that this is a conversation +Mike Barad started several days ago on Jan 11th, yet the comments allow us to easily keep the conversation going several days later.

No way to do that on Twitter or Facebook that I'm aware of
Thank you, Mike. Those links look helpful. I guess we'll all learn together.
Thanks for starting this conversation Mike. Although, like +Leslie Banks, I may have a tough time going cold turkey on Friday. Noble effort you have going though. This is the only way things will change. I haven't been on here for months probably...but saw this mentioned in +Pat Allen's recent tweet.
I found a site that is supposed to aggregate public Hangouts on Google+ so you can join one you like. I think I'll experiment with this today to get the feel of it, and hopefully gain the confidence to host one on Friday for G-Day. If you want to scan Hangouts to join, check out
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