G-Day is Coming.
A recent discussion about G+ with +Russ Thornton and +Nathan Gehring on Twitter got me thinking. Many of us love the Google+ platform, but the audience just isn't there yet (hence, a G+ discussion started on Twitter). As a result, we continue posting to multiple platforms in a rather inefficient way. I propose an experiment where us multi-platform social media addicts choose one day to focus solely on Google+. No posting to Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, and no checking the accounts. One day off those platforms cold-turkey. On "G-Day," we focus our attention to posting and interacting with people on Google+. I propose we promote #GDay ahead of time and gather participants. The result should be a day with abnormally high activity on G+, which would be a sort of simulation for what the platform could look like in the future.

If I'm the only doing this, there is no point. So, let me first propose a date. How about we plan G-Day for next Friday, January 20th. Instead of "Follow Friday" on Twitter, it will be "Follow-me-to-Google Friday." Leave a comment to show support for the idea, or if you have any good suggestions. If there is support, we can start promoting it.
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