"Within the experientialist myth, understanding emerges from interaction with the environment and other people." #readingToday

Within the experientialist myth, understanding emerges from interaction, from constant negotiation with the environment and other people. It emerges in the following way: the nature of our bodies and our physical and cultural environment imposes a structure on our experience, in terms of natural dimensions of the sort we have discussed. Recurrent experience leads to the formation of categories, which are experiential gestalts with those natural dimensions. Such gestalts define coherence in our experience. We understand our experience directly when we see it as being structured coherently in terms of gestalts that have emerged directly from interaction with and in our environment. We understand experience metaphorically when we use a gestalt from one domain of experience to structure experience in another domain.

From the experientialist perspective, truth depends on understanding, which emerges from functioning in the world . It is through such understanding that the experientialist alternative meets the objectivist’s need for an account of truth. It is through the coherent structuring of experience that the experientialist alternative satisfies the subjectivist’s need for personal meaning and significance.

Metaphors We Live By" by George Lakoff, Mark Johnson

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