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Mike Amend
The line in the sand moves with the wind.
The line in the sand moves with the wind.

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So this has turned out to be pretty neat.

Use my referral code DSXP to earn 300 pts!

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#RorschachDoodle I see... two dinosaurs on balls...yeah that was totally worth clicking through :)

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Boy Meats Food post is now live! Better late than never! Take a look and please share with your friends!

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We've updated Boy Meats Food with the little guys latest food adventure! Be sure to share with your Circles!

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Do you play Words with Friends?  I do. My Wife does. And at least half a dozen other friends that I can think of off the top of my head do.  Well they recently put out an update that's required permissions made me a little less than pleased. I mean its bad enough that it has full network access, can access my contacts, can send SMS messages, read phone status and identity... [All of which I really feel is a little too much].

But now you want to retrieve information about all currently and recently running aps?  After that I'm sure that you will ask for GPS access too.  Well forget it.  I will continue playing the games I'm currently in, but I will NOT be upgrading to the new version. If the app stops working because of it, I will simply uninstall it.

Friends please be conscious and vigilant of what data your phone apps want access to.

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First chance to sleep in his crib!

I hate the Internet on April first.

Hey +comiXology any plans to allow G+ sharing at the end of an issue?

Very excited to see that I've been selected for #glassexplorers ... so pumped. I hope my new hipster glasses will fit over my old hipster glasses!

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#ifihadglass   I'd use them at work to provide feedback on body language and presentation skills to the folks coming through my trainings! As a gamer, I'd use them to share table top games and board games with friends who can't drive across country to play.

But really? I would use them to capture our first few weeks with Desmond when he arrives on April 13. (You know, assuming +Miranda Collier-Amend would let me bring them in to the delivery room).
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