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Mike Alwill
I choose to survive.
I choose to survive.
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Ever wanted to make your own bitters from the comfort of your kitchen? Here's how.
For those who missed it, here's the lowdown on the awesome bitters class with @bittermens up at @StoneBarns --

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It's always good to squeeze some brain juice out of your head melon before going into the weekend, even if you're just making a cocktail calculus smoothie with it.
It's Thursday and with the weekend looming on the horizon, let's use our brains a bit for some cocktail calculus fun. Today I ponder the question: "Which popular cocktail packs the most punch?" by looking at 12 classic drinks, including favorites such as the Long Island Iced Tea, Bloody Mary, Manhattan and Old-Fashioned.

Check the link out below to find out what the verdict is!

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Looking for a nice tequila cocktail to transition you from summer to fall? Well, here you go.
Tequila's a strange spirit. Most of us encounter it first in the form of some skunky mixto slurped out of a shot glass, and this relationship is enough to make us swear off the stuff for a long, long time.

If we do return to it though, it's usually in the form of a margarita, perhaps even a neon-colored one in a 16oz plastic cup. We want the experience of sitting out in the summer heat with friends and drinking, but not the earthy taste of the agave.

It's a shame really, since there are so many amazing tequila/agave cocktails out there, like today's Cocktail of the Week, The Eclipse, which combines tequila, Aperol, Cherry Heering, lemon juice and even mezcal to make something perfect for bleed in from hot summer days to cooler fall nights.

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I have to admit, armchair pontificating about the future of the bar business is such a guilty pleasure of mine :)
The cocktail business is a business like any other, and it's no surprise that many of its constituents have their eyes set on increased revenues. But how will they achieve this and what will it mean for your favorite bar?

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And, honestly, for something with such strong doses of funky ingredients, this thing tastes both surprisingly good and like nothing I've ever had before. Beta Cocktails ftw!
What's not to love about a cocktail named "Fatigue" w/ Jack Daniels, Maraschino and an entire oz of Angostura? #CotW

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Who likes ice spheres? I do, I do!
It's time for the #CocktailOfTheWeek, the LES Globetrotter! Found in @PDTNYC's book, this is like a citrusy Vieux Carre

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Never underestimate the power of sherry!
Summer love can happen in a glass.

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If I ever get around to writing that Gremlin's remake with Ryan Gosling, you can be sure he'll be drinking Dark 'n' Stormies with the requisite Gosling's black seal rum and ginger beer.

And yes, the movie will be called Goslings.
What's dark and stormy and soon to be in your glass? I bet it's the latest Cocktail of the Week! It's Gosling time.

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I wish I could split my brain into thirds....

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Now I see why people buy equipment to do this at scale...
My first (successful) batch of carbonated Negronis. Gonna need some more CO2 charges, stat #EverythingsBetterCarbonated
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