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The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Is it possible to use your LinkedIn profile to grow your business? Absolutely! The problem is, the network is focused on helping you to get hired. So if you're already hired - you're running your own business and you want to connect with clients and grow your business, your approach to LinkedIn needs to be a little different.

This is my guide to how you can configure your LinkedIn profile to perfectly support you and your business. It's geared toward freelancers and small-to-medium business owners. If you are in fact looking for a job, many of these tips will still be of value to you.

Included are:

01. Research Keywords for LinkedIn
02. Use a Current, Professional Profile Image
03. Consider Premium, and Then Add a Cover Photo
04. What's Your Name, and What Do You Do?
05. Offer Complete Contact Information
06. Grab a Custom URL
07. Make Sure Your Profile Is Visible
08. Consider a Profile Badge
09. Support Additional Languages
10. Update Your Connections
11. Update Your Background
12. Add Media / Links
13. Review Skills & Endorsements
14. Move Sections Around
15. Add / Update Projects
16. Add / Update Publications
17. Ask for Recommendations and Give Recommendations
18. Regularly Publish Posts
19. Review Group Memberships
20. Daily LinkedIn Activity

The infograph below details all of these for you, and of course the article goes into extensive detail on each item, complete with screenshots and links to references.

Learn more: 

Do you use LinkedIn to promote your own business and get clients? If so, what other tips might you add, or what questions do you have?

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As always an awesome one +Mike Allton ! Thanks. Learning LinkedIn gradually. Are we connected on LinkedIn? Can you please share your profile url? Can I send a request there? 
What +Stephan Hovnanian said.  Since today is my first day in the new business (this is +Michael J. Coffey, BTW), I updated my employment dates and thought, "Wow. There's work to do here..."  Then this comes across my stream not more than 30 minutes later.  Perfect timing, +Mike Allton!
+Mark Vang nope, no way. If that was the only benefit for my money, it wouldn't even be a consideration.

But the truth is, that's not the only benefit. I originally upgraded so that I could test it and blog about it, but plan to keep my Premium account for all of the other benefits in addition to the cover photo.

And yep, Premium members stand out more in LinkedIn search results, just Authors used to stand out in Google search results. 
Great work on this +Mike Allton . What a brilliant and comprehensive resource. Thank you.
Thank You +Mike Allton for your immensely helpful information! You've the perfect guide for people just joining Linked IN. Enjoy a wonderful week! : )
+Mike Allton When I open it I go straight to "My Updates", which is an additional notification field. Thanks Mike.
+Mike Allton Thank you for this awesome post ! I'm too in Linkedin
Now I reshared & you're most welcome in my circles 
Thanks for sharing this very helpful information. I will definitely use this in regards to my linkedin page!
I find it hard to keep each network going. If you'd have to choose, +Mike Allton, would you spend your time on G+ or LinkedIn?
Thank you, +Mike Allton. I'm slowly diverting my attention towards G+, too. Glad you agree that's the right thing to do.
Great post +Mike Allton! I am sending this over to my dad who is learning to use LinkedIn. I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks... lol.
Awesome guide! thank you!
+Mike Allton Working on cleaning up my Linkedin Profile. Thought of you. Found this post. Went to the article (again). Thanks. There is your customers' journey.
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