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Content Marketing Practitioner, Author, Dad


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Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish.

While I made a decision to focus my time and energy on other platforms long ago, the news that Google+ is officially, finally ended is still sad.

Fortunately, it's easy to connect on other platforms.

If you're interested in keeping up with more of my articles and continuing to learn from me, simply follow me on Twitter at

Or, if you have or wish to connect with me personally, Facebook is where I focus on relationship-building and networking:

Google+ Is Officially Done
Google+ Is Officially Done
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It's shocking that this is still an issue, and it's incalculable what impact it's having.

Fortunately there are people working to raise awareness, like Kathy Klotz-Guest, Jay Acunzo, Mia Voss, Jennifer Ast, Jenn Herman, Amanda Robinson, Kelly Noble Mirabella, Bella Vasta and Jessika Phillips.

I make no apologies for the clickbaity headline - this is something you must read about.

#EyeOpening #SocialMedia #Society #Culture
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Join Stephanie Liu, Amanda Robinson, Jenn Herman and myself this evening as we break down the Do's and Don'ts, Why's and Why nots, of attending conferences and broadening your network.We'll share some our experiences from the past year, and overall have a ton of fun. This is a free, live event that you're not going to want to miss!

Tune in at 7:30pm ET over on Facebook!

#socialmedia #facebook #networking #conferences
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How Do You Keep Up With Social Media?

“14 million accounts compromised.”
“Organic reach is declining.”
“Your news feed is changing again."

Every day, developments and updates are being announced for the various social networks. Algorithms, news feeds, video capability... how we use social networks and reach potential customers is constantly in flux.

As a social media professional, I enjoy checking out these crazy, convoluted changes. But as a business owner, it can be frustrating!

Just when you think you’ve figured out how to reach your potential customers on Facebook, Facebook changes something and it feels like you’re back to Square 1.

Should you use Live video or Recorded video, and what the heck is a Premiere Video?

Should you use 3 or 30 hashtags on Facebook or Instagram?

Should you post 3 times a day or just 3 times a week?

The reason there are no definitive answers to many of those questions and more, is that these things are constantly evolving. What “worked” last year for Instagram may not work, or work as well, today. Which means the time and money you invested before may no longer help you right now.

You need a resource that can help you stay updated and on track day after day. You need a way to keep up with social media without having to invest too much of your own time and money.

What you need is a group of social media professionals at your beck and call, folks who are already paying attention to everything that’s happening and will be giving you the 411.

What if you could have 4 expert consultants, covering all of the different areas and networks, who would let you know when something’s changed or happened that might impact you?

What if you could ask those experts questions whenever you needed help, and get insightful answers and personalized direction?

What if you could attend live video broadcasts to get exclusive training, and more opportunities to get your questions and concerns addressed?

And imagine… just imagine… if you could get ALL OF THAT for just FIVE BUCKS A MONTH.

That’s 360 Marketing Squad.

Jenn Herman, Stephanie Liu, Amanda Robinson, and myself, Mike Allton, are waiting to help you! Your private, exclusive Facebook Group awaits.

Learn more and sign up

#Marketing #SocialMedia #Blogging #LiveVideo #ChatBots
#Facebook #Instagram #Twitter #LinkedIn #Pinterest #YouTube
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Are you struggling to keep up with all the changes to social media lately?

Does it seem like there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done?

Today I want to share with you a new option, a different view, of marketing, that I think will help you tremendously.

#Marketing #SocialMedia #Blogging
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4 incredible #marketing experts. 1 private group.
Learn more:
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When last we talked, I'd been dealing with a variety of annoying health issues. A change in treatment for Graves Disease had resulted in weight gain and low energy, which led to a slew of other problems.

That's largely behind me. I'm back on a proper treatment, have lost all the weight I gained, and more. I'm feeling better and I'm really excited for everything the next months have in store.

And it's going to be an amazing, busy, quarter!

We have great plans at work and I can't wait to work with our ambassadors next week on some really fun marketing initiatives. 🙌

I have a very cool project launching tomorrow that you will hear more about first-thing Monday. 🌞

Meanwhile, our old house is nearly ready to sell thanks to all the hard work Eva is putting in, everyone is loving our temp house with the in-laws, and we're having a great time looking at new houses together.


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Of all the significant impact Frank Herbert’s Dune ( has had on popular culture the “Litany Against Fear” ( has, most probably, been most notable. From a neuropsychological perspective “fear ( is an emotional response induced by a perceived threat, which causes a change in brain and organ function, as well as in behavior.” (

It’s so far-reaching in its neural, psychological, emotional and physical effects that it became one of the key responses that “The Sniper Mind” ( shows how to overcome. I’ve written about the effects of fear before ( and I have also shown how it is linked to our sense of trust ( and the way we go about forming our own identity (

Inevitably, when something has such profound effect upon us it is going to be used to control us by leveraging our response to ‘guide us’ as a social corpus to some kind of visceral response where we will be willing to trade what we are asking for, for fear to go away ( It is a predictable perhaps part of human economic behavior where someone exploits known vulnerabilities for specific self-gains:

As you’d expect of something that so deeply affects us there are considerable resources devoted to finding ways to overcome it ranging from inspirational Tim Ferris talks ( to ways that you can overcome your fears ( and learn to “embrace the suck” ( to my own curation of some of the best snippets from “The Sniper Mind” (

Fear’s deep neurobiological connection ( marks it as a primal response which means that it has fundamental ways of bypassing our higher brain functions and ‘guide’ our responses in quite literally, visceral ways:

The brain is a predictive machine ( Its primary function is to enable us to understand “what happens next” in order to increase our odds of survival and in doing so it engages in all sorts of complex behaviors: ( that are not always obvious to us:

The complexities of connecting ( sharing and becoming ( inevitably generate their own uncertainties in a world that is inherently uncertain: Fear is then a natural response. But one which, like all of our natural responses, when left unmanaged makes us work against our own best interests.

When that happens fear controls us. Facing our fears ( is the first step towards taking back control (, reducing uncertainty ( and making the kind of decisions that actually move us towards the future we want to live in and not that dictated by kneejerk actions, ours and those of others.

We can live in a better world. One where many of the problems we’re currently facing are eliminated. But that requires us to behave differently, be different. Be better than we currently are.

I know that you’ve been staring down your fear of facing Sunday without coffee and have overcome the uncertainty engendered by what would happen if you didn’t have donuts, cookies, croissants and chocolate cake to fall back on. So, have an awesome Sunday, wherever you are.
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BREAKING NEWS Google+ Shutting Down

In a developing story, Google has announced the permanent retirement of Google+.

#Google #GooglePlus
Google+ Is Officially Done
Google+ Is Officially Done
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ICYMI: #Hootsuite has removed Twitter DMs from all streams. If you need to monitor direct messages on Twitter, read this:
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