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Mike Allton
Works at SiteSell
Attended The Ohio State University
Lives in St. Louis, MO
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Content Marketing Practitioner
Blog Coaching, Social Media Strategy, Google+ Consulting, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Hootsuite
  • SiteSell
    Chief Marketing Officer, 2014 - present
    SiteSell works to help entrepreneurs and bloggers build their online business, and I lead the team that builds and fosters relationships with those people.
  • The Social Media Hat
    Social Media Manager, 2012 - present
    I work with business owners to first identify content marketing and social media opportunities to promote their business and engage clients, and then help them to implement strategies and techniques to achieve those goals. In other words, I can help get your blog started, figure out what you're going to write about and who would be interested, which social networks to post to and when, and how to use social media to entertain, educate and engage your potential customers.
  • Freelance
    Website Developer, 2007 - 2012
    Built hundreds of websites using the Drupal Content Management System platform, providing business owners with a dynamic website they are able to update and add to themselves.
  • Dana Corporation
    ERP Support Specialist and Team Leader, 1999 - 2001
  • Viking Technology
    Sales Manager and Web Designer, 2001 - 2005
  • Litehouse Pools & Spas
    Sales Associate, 2005 - 2006
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St. Louis, MO
Chesterfield, MO - Norwalk, OH - Columbus, OH - Toledo, OH - Bowling Green, OH - Lake Saint Louis, MO
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Content Marketing Practitioner, Author, Dad

I love to teach others how to better leverage the internet and content to promote their business. Specifically, I provide articles and guidance on how to create blog and other content that helps increase website traffic, generate leads, and convert those leads into sales.

I maintain a blog and article archive at The Social Media Hat, but my primary focus is serving as the Chief Marketing Officer for SiteSell, where we help entrepreneurs and bloggers get their online businesses started.

We have recently launched a new product called SBI! for WP which is specifically designed to help WordPress users build and grow their business. You can read my full review of SBI! for WordPress as well.


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  • Social Media News
  • Content Marketing Information
  • Blogging Tips
  • Technology Discussion

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These are articles that I often recommend and reference:


I'm originally from Ohio where I studied Computer Science and History at The Ohio State University and Bowling Green State University. I've had a long career in IT, including PC Repair, Server configuration, networking, sales, websites and more. But in 2012, I discovered a passion and talent for writing and teaching Content Marketing.

I now live in St. Louis with my wife and two adorable daughters, along with two Birman cats. I blog weekly, am working on a blogging course, and will have a new book on Content Marketing out later this year.

Hangouts and Interviews and Panel Discussions

I am available to participate in broadcast Hangouts, Blabs and Interviews on a limited basis. If you would like to schedule an appearance, please contact me with your interview format and schedule.

Training and Consulting

While I am not currently accepting new clients, if you need help with something, please reach out. I may be able to provide the answer you need, direct you to the right resource, or refer you to one of my colleagues who can better assist you.

HootSuite Author & Solution Provider

With HootSuite, larger businesses, organizations and enterprises can set up social media dashboards used for not only promoting content, but also social listening, customer service, prospecting, and internal team communication. I am a Certified HootSuite Professional and have written extensively to help businesses set up their HootSuite accounts and train staff on how to create a Social Media Command Center.

More casual and individual HootSuite users are encouraged to review my #HootSuiteSeries for HootSuite tips, guides and best practices.

Tags: #SocialMedia #Google+ #LinkedIn #Twitter #Facebook #HootSuite | #ContentMarketing #Blogging | #WebsiteDesign #WebDev #Drupal #CMS | #SEO #SEM 

Bragging rights
I sold swimming pools and hot tubs in 2006 and 2007, and became a top salesman within the entire organization within my first year.
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  • The Ohio State University
    International Studies, 1992 - 1995
  • Bowling Green State University
    History and Computer Science, 1996 - 1999
  • Norwalk High School
    1988 - 1992
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May 13, 1974


Mike Allton

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Take Your Blogging To The Next Level

This collection of free guides and articles will help you work on every aspect of your blogging, including:


Bookmark this resource, as it's packed with information, and will be updated regularly!

Start Here: 

#Blogging   #BloggingTips   #BloggingForBusiness  
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Thank you , +.Mike Alton , without end, a wonderful portal, thank you for this resource and full of data that excite the dedication ..
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Mike Allton

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If you aren't looking for a new job, you might not think much about LinkedIn and your profile. But the fact is, that profile can be working to help you find new business partners and opportunities 24/7.
Here's how:
LinkedIn has always been a tremendous tool and platform for professional networking and employment. But with a little tweaking and intentional creativity, your LinkedIn profile can become an excellent source of leads and sales.
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Mike Allton

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When Facebook made adjustments to how incoming messages were handled and sorted, millions of users were thrilled to no longer have to check that pesky Other box. No more missed messages, right?
Turns out, that's not actually the case.
When Facebook tried to improve the message system, the result was a new hidden inbox that's even more hidden than the last. And you've got important messages there!
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Mike Allton

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For bloggers and businesses, it's even more important to stay on top of the most important social posts. When partners and influencers share their latest insights, those are the posts you're going to want to know about and see first. Potential clients, best friends... even competitors... there are plenty of opportunities for important posts, yet you know how easy it is for your busy social feed to push those posts down and out of sight.
That's where notifications come in. Here's how to set them up for all the major social networks.
It's easy for important posts from friends and colleagues to get drowned out in all the social media noise. Get the notifications you need! Instructions for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Vine, Blab and Periscope.
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+Roger Verhoeven thank you!
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Mike Allton

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Whoa! +Canva just released Canva for iPhone and it's awesome! Check out how mobile storytelling just changed dramatically for every business.
It's easier than ever now for businesses to tell their stories on social media with great images, thanks to Canva for iPhone.
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+David Dhannoo indeed!
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Mike Allton

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A Story Of How I Found An Influencer Who Tweeted My Article To 276,000 Readers
We often don't know when someone shares our content. They tweet a link and don't take the time to mention us, but they've done us a favor nonetheless, right? And if it's someone with a large following who ends up driving a lot of traffic to your site, you'll definitely want to find and thank that individual!
Here's how.
Most people who tweet links don't bother to mention the author, so it's hard to know when someone important does that for you. Unless you have this tool.
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Mike Allton

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Free Content Promotion Summit

Would you like to know my biggest business regret? Not creating good content sooner to attract more sales and customers! In this new (free!) virtual summit, 60+ world-class marketing experts will open up their marketing playbooks and show you step-by-step instructions for how to create and promote engaging content that reaches your ideal customer and nurtures them into more sales.

Learn From 75 Elite Marketing Experts How To Create And Promote Engaging Content

Over 60 experts from around the world are opening up their marketing playbooks. They will give you easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to get your content into the hands of raving fans. Grab your FREE ticket while you can! | #cps16
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Thanks for sharing +Mike Allton​! I've registered, and I'm very excited to learn! 
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Mike Allton

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A great opportunity for solopreneurs to improve their monetization has just opened up a new stage of Beta - anyone can sign up for +Trafeze  for free. Check it out!
Meet Mary from Hyannis, Massachusetts… Mary is crazy about Cocker Spaniels. Training them, grooming them, keeping them in tip-top health — she covers it all on her website. And her thousands of daily visitors are crazy about Mary! Trouble is, she thinks of her website as a, well, as a...Read More
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Mike Allton

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Whether you've been blogging for 5 weeks or 5 years, growing that list with targeted subscribers should continue to be your top priority.
Your list drives traffic, drives sales, and drives your continued content needs.
Your blog will live or die by your list. So, naturally, growing that list should be a very interesting topic for you:
What if I told you that you could improve your subscriber rate by 300% in 4 steps? Here's how I did it.
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Mike Allton

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If you have a business, blog or otherwise, where you need to be able to invoice clients regularly and repeatedly, here's how you can do it.
Passive revenue from ads and affiliates is great, but the most successful bloggers combine that with more active revenue streams like products and services, and something you can bill for every week, month or year is the ideal!
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Mike Allton

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By adding content upgrades to both their new articles and some which received the highest traffic, Wishpond was able to generate 2,302 blog subscribers in just 10 months.
If you're looking to jumpstart your blog's conversion rate, this article will break down the exact steps you'll need to get your own content upgrade strategy up and running.
Wishpond hit a plateau with their new subscribers, and needed to do something different. Leveraging their existing content with content upgrades jumpstarted their lead gen. Here's how:
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Mike Allton

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Fans of Blab, the live streaming video platform, have been understandably upset about recent developments.
Blab, one of the most popular platforms today to create live video broadcasts and recordings, seems to be moving in a new direction and that has marketers extremely worried.
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