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Take your Blogging to the Next Level

Many individuals and businesses aspire to become better bloggers. Perhaps you’re looking to add an additional revenue stream, or perhaps you’re hoping to use your blog to establish your expertise and authority in your field. Whatever the reason, you’re on the right track! Your blog can do all those things and more for you, but it will take time and hard work.

That’s where I can help.

Here are a number of articles I’ve published which you can spend some time reviewing and learn several key techniques and aspects of blogging that will help you.


101 Blogging Tips for Successful Business Blogs -

How Often Should You Blog: The Ultimate Answer -

What Does It Take to Blog 3 - 5 Times a Week? -

The Importance of Ignoring Your Blogging Schedule -

Cut Your Blog Writing Time by 50% with a Blog Template -

WARNING: This Will Improve Your Blog Traffic by 25% -

They’re Just Words. Edit Your Blog Posts Ruthlessly. -

How to Blog Like Mike -


Generating Blog Ideas - 

Tell Your Business Story, One Blog at a Time -

Vary Your Blog Posts With These Three Styles - 

How to Orchestrate Themes Into Your Content Marketing -

Are Your Blog Posts Riding Coattails? -

How to Create Brand Interest and Value with Newsjacking -

The Epic Post on Epic Posts: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Epic Content -


How I Promote My Blog Posts -

5 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts More Shareable -

Super Charge Your Blog Reach as a Triberr Power User - 

How Many Titles does your Blog Post Need? -

Should Bloggers and Businesses Share Old Content? -

How to Revive Old Blog Content - 

5 Reasons Canva Will Rock Your Blog - 

How to Leverage the Power of Hootsuite for Social Media Success - 

Finally, be sure to view the recordings from The Second Annual Virtual Bloggers Conference ( where you’ll find 11 sessions with top experts talking about HOAs, Google+, Instagram, Hootsuite, Evernote, Branding, Podcasts and more.

If you haven’t already, I would recommend subscribing to my Blog Notification Circle. If you’re interested in getting a notification each time I share a new article on social media, blogging and marketing, just let me know. New posts come out no more than once or twice a day. (For more information on how you can use this technique yourself, click here:

Best of luck with your blog! 

#Blogging #ContentMarketing #BloggingTips 
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Thank you, ,  +Mike Alltonit's great and fantastic that I find me in your circle, with all our dear friends in G +, even more for all those who love participation, which emphasizes a sublime devotion. full sharing, it's really beautiful and very wonderful.
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Mike Allton

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If you're unsure where to begin when it comes to defining your brand's Visual Strategy, start here.

+Andrea Beltrami has once again clobbered it with this incredible round-up. (Round-Up Bloggers, take note!!)
20 visual marketing strategies that will help you reap the rewards that come with visually communicating with your audience. This is a visual marketing resource that leaves no stone left unturned!
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+Andrea Beltrami lol, you got it.
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Mike Allton

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This may be exactly what you're looking for...

Need funding for your business? On today's #MICROminutes  Show my friend +Stephanie Sims will share with you what lenders (and VC's) call the "The Bus Factor" (hint: it's the way they determine "if" they will lend). You need to know this before you go seeking funds for your business!

Get on the bus here:

Joining me also will be +Phil Bowyer & +Theresa Delgado to make sure that you get your questions answered!

#entrepreneur   #startup   #SMB   #businessdevelopment   #funds   #Success  
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Mike Allton

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+Savvy Sexy Social is spot on with this. Don't waste time at the beginning of your video, when you have just seconds to prove someone needs to tune in for the whole broadcast.
This is why you should NOT introduce yourself to begin a video.
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Quite possibly +Stephan Hovnanian. However, with auto-play becoming a norm on places like YouTube and Facebook, even the visual impact of the first seconds of a video are critical. You can see how we are responding to that if you look at the first several seconds of any of our most recent "Here's Why" videos compared to some of our older ones.
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Mike Allton

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Revenge of the Fifth

I was tasked by +Stephan Hovnanian to take on the important role of lead researcher in discovering the mysterious connection between The Most Interesting Man In The World and the rise of #CincoDeMayo right on the heels of #StarWarsDay.

As it turns out, there's a different scoundrel who was first involved in the event, but whom developed a rather unwholesome reputation at a key establishment. 
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True or not true
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Mike Allton

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Canva is one of the easiest, most effective tools I've ever used for creating brilliant images that help me communicate my message to my audience.

Canva is one of the easiest, most effective tools I've ever used for creating brilliant images that help me communicate my message to my audience.
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Of course, +Dustin W. Stout :)
I love +Canva, +Mike Allton :) 
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Mike Allton

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Be sure to put this one on your calendar folks, or risk a roundhouse from Chuck Norris!
Second Chance Special!

Due to so many people having issues with viewing the show and Google only saving the last 5 minutes of the video,  we are trying again!

+Azure Collier from +Constant Contact has agreed to come on the show and give it another try.  

She dropped so much good information that I didn't want any of you to miss it!

Join us each week for The Manly Pinterest Tips Show and Podcast

Our mission, (and we choose to accept it) is to give practical tips to help you succeed on +Pinterest 

This week we'll be talking all about How Constant Contact Uses Pinterest with +Azure Collier 

Azure Collier is a content manager for +Constant Contact in Waltham, MA, where she oversees the company’s Pinterest and Instagram channels, creates educational content, presents webinars, and writes for the Constant Contact blog about social media and email marketing best practices for small businesses and nonprofits. Prior to joining Constant Contact, Azure worked in higher education at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Fitchburg State University in the areas of social media marketing, multimedia content creation, website management, and public relations. She was also a journalist in the Midwest at the Times of Northwest Indiana in Valparaiso, IN, and the Journal and Courier in Lafayette, IN. She received a BA in communications and journalism from Purdue University, and a MS in applied communication from Fitchburg State University, where she completed thesis research on social media and young adults.

Follow Constant Contact on Pinterest here:

Visit Constant Contact's website here:

Make sure to ask questions for Azure on the event page.

If you'd like to be kept in the loop of all things Manly, head over to and sign up for our email updates so you'll never miss a show! 

MANLY Disclaimer:  You will have received an invite if you have asked to be added to the invite circle, attended past events, if you have commented positively on a past event, or if you're Chuck Norris…because Chuck Norris doesn't ask to be invited to HOA's.  If you want to be removed from the invite list, please let me know.  I forgive you.  But Chuck Norris probably won't.

This Hangout On Air is hosted by Manly Pinterest Tips. The live video broadcast will begin soon.

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+Jeff Sieh Truth.
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Mike Allton

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Motherhood: All Entrepreneurship Begins and Ends There

"A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts." ~ Washington Irving

Sharing some of my thoughts on motherhood and entrepreneurship in today's blog post.

Love you Mom!

#Motherhood   #MothersDay   #Entrepreneurship  
SiteSell applauds mothers everywhere who are the original entrepreneurs. And to honor them, SiteSell is offering something special.
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I read the whole article, i still didn't understand  it, apparantly
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Mike Allton

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How is your curated content fitting in with your own authored content?

+Peg Fitzpatrick has some great suggestions...

h/t +Sprout Social 
As a social marketer, you need to create content & curate content from other sources. Here are 9 key tactics on how to curate content.
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Thanks +Mike Allton!
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Mike Allton

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The 12-Point Social Media Checklist for Your Next Update
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wow :)
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Mike Allton

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Because even a Sith Lord and #BloggingBrute needs his vitamins.

#StarWars #StarWarsDay 
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I support the empire, no shame.
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Mike Allton

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Definitely invest the time and few bucks for this book! +Jenn Herman always provides incredible value and insights.
My latest ebook with TONS of information on how to craft your own social media strategy is now available for purchase on Amazon:

The book covers everything you need to create an effective social media strategy, including:
> Determining your target audience
> Deciding which social media platforms to use
> What types of content to post
> How to create the best content for your business
> How to write effective post captions
> Establishing an engagement strategy
> Information on which tools may help you be more efficient
> How to manage your time for maximum results, and
> How to analyze your growth and progress.

If you want to get organized and strategic with your online marketing efforts and are looking for a cost-effective way to do this, this is the book for you! Get your copy TODAY!
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Thank you so much for getting the word out Mike! I really appreciate it :)
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I maintain a blog and article archive at The Social Media Hat, but my primary focus is serving as the Chief Marketing Officer for SiteSell, where we help entrepreneurs and bloggers get their online businesses started.


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I'm originally from Ohio where I studied Computer Science and History at The Ohio State University and Bowling Green State University. I've had a long career in IT, including PC Repair, Server configuration, networking, sales, websites and more. But in 2012, I discovered a passion and talent for writing and teaching Content Marketing.

I now live in St. Louis with my wife and two adorable daughters, along with two Birman cats. I blog weekly, am working on a blogging course, and will have a new book on Content Marketing out later this year.

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While I am not currently accepting new clients, if you need help with something, please reach out. I may be able to provide the answer you need, direct you to the right resource, or refer you to one of my colleagues who can better assist you.

HootSuite Author & Solution Provider

With HootSuite, larger businesses, organizations and enterprises can set up social media dashboards used for not only promoting content, but also social listening, customer service, prospecting, and internal team communication. I am a Certified HootSuite Professional and written extensively to help businesses set up their HootSuite accounts and train staff on how to create a Social Media Command Center.

More casual and individual HootSuite users are encouraged to review my #HootSuiteSeries for HootSuite tips, guides and best practices.

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I sold swimming pools and hot tubs in 2006 and 2007, and became a top salesman within the entire organization within my first year.
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    Chief Marketing Officer, 2014 - present
    SiteSell works to help entrepreneurs and bloggers build their online business, and I lead the team that builds and fosters relationships with those people.
  • The Social Media Hat
    Social Media Manager, 2012 - present
    I work with business owners to first identify content marketing and social media opportunities to promote their business and engage clients, and then help them to implement strategies and techniques to achieve those goals. In other words, I can help get your blog started, figure out what you're going to write about and who would be interested, which social networks to post to and when, and how to use social media to entertain, educate and engage your potential customers.
  • Freelance
    Website Developer, 2007 - 2012
    Built hundreds of websites using the Drupal Content Management System platform, providing business owners with a dynamic website they are able to update and add to themselves.
  • Dana Corporation
    ERP Support Specialist and Team Leader, 1999 - 2001
  • Viking Technology
    Sales Manager and Web Designer, 2001 - 2005
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    Sales Associate, 2005 - 2006
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