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Dear +Microsoft Visual Studio: If I can download 60GB games on steam at in 30 minutes, why does it take 2 hours to download 5GB of Microsoft bits from MSDN?

I hear Valve sells apps now, maybe you should partner with them for distribution :(

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2016 needs to be over..
You are good for nothing, 2016!

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This looks pretty sweet. I signed up! @mikea

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+Kirill Grouchnikov for president 2020
He is my president

I am disappointed with the results of this election cycle, from the president to congress to the house, but I accept them. I am disappointed with people that decided to sit out this cycle instead of casting their vote, but I accept their choice.

I am disappointed that it became increasingly frustrating to argue with people across the party line divide simply because we couldn't agree to start with the same set of facts. I mean, if you can't agree on the facts, it's really hard to have any semblance of a productive discussion.

When I hear that my vote on the election day is equal to a vote of any other citizen, no matter how rich or poor they are, and then I look at the actual system of electoral college that unequivocally goes against "one person one vote" promise no matter how many words you're going to spend trying to twist your argument in its favor, I am disappointed that this lie is being perpetuated again and again.

Having said all of this, I accept Donald Trump as my next president. The people have spoken, and the rules of the election as they stand now have been followed. If we don't like the rules, we should push to change them. If we don't like how untold millions of people expressed their choice this week, we should keep on pushing against reactionary views.

Instead of perpetuating the notion that it's a zero-sum game where if somebody gets a bit more of the pie, you necessarily get less, we should work on making the pie bigger so that everyone can enjoy a nice slice of it.

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+Steph Kirby looks like you need a 3d printer!

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Oh. My. God. It's....beautiful.

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Well, yes. Yes we do. 

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