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Man, stranded in the desert, makes a motorcycle from his broken car

When civilization as we know it ends in a Mad Max-like apocalypse, some of us will perish and die. Some of us will convert a Citroen 2CV into an awesome bike and ride off into the sunset. #apocalypse #MacGyver

Edit: This took place in 1993, and the story was first published in 2003. Available here, in French:
From article: The original story is in French, and the Google translate is very rough. Please forgive us if we don’t get this completely accurate. While traveling through the desert somewhere i...
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I always carry my survival kit, to fix the reality around when needed.
"Flight of the Phoenix", anyone?
If this guy is not going to do the vehicle designs for the next Mad Max rip-off, I don't want to live in this world anymore.

I would really like to see a video where he's actually driving the thing, though.
Seen from a resilience perspective, this is something very important to consider.

I want us to make us a knowledge genome, in a similar way as our DNA works (we can easily reproduce biologically) so in case of catastrophy we won't be back on the stone age again.

Preserve essential knowledge
Preserve essential designs
Preserve essential culture
Preserve essential software

All this can be packed within a petabyte or so, but can be likely be encoded more efficiently, which is soon a reasonable size for a long term storage. Of course the hardware for storing this should not be too complicated, and it should be long term accessible and maximally rugged.

Things to store in this genome, are things like WikiPedia, google bookscan, Youtube, OpenCores, Sourceforge, cad specifications of all essential existing products, and easy to access instructions on how to replicate stuff. Software is the easy part, for everyone mirroring some of the big distributions, but far away from enough.

If something happens today, then a significant part of the human species would simply not survive, but some may find what they need in different servers, if they haven't backed up this info before, and of course plenty of people have skills, that can be inherited (like the books in Fahrenheit 451). However, information about how to make IC, CPUs memory devices and such, as well and plenty of technological necessities will more or less be lost if not saved in a way accessible for everyone, and stored in a way that anyone can understand.
Fantastic impromptu engineering. A true heroic accomplishment.
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