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Miiko Mentz
I'm a social media marketer, seasoned PR pro, coach, consultant, wellness warrior, dog lover and former dancer.
I'm a social media marketer, seasoned PR pro, coach, consultant, wellness warrior, dog lover and former dancer.


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Please watch. Not only to educate yourself, but also so you never say things like “you’ll beat this” or “but you look so healthy” or other things that should never be said to someone with metastatic cancer. 

Watch and then share, so we can move away from breast cancer awareness campaigns to educating ourselves and others on the reality of what breast cancer is; and more importantly, what metastatic cancer is.

#metastatic #cancer #metastaticcancer #metastaticbreastcancer #breastcancer #bcsm 

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A Guide to Branding Stock Photography
by +Andrea Beltrami 

In this post, Dre shows us how to take the "stock" out of stock photography and brand those images with our own unique style and flare.

She has lots of great visual examples, too!

#stockphotography   #branding   #brandingtips   #personalbranding  
A Blogger’s Guide To Branding Stock Photography

Stock photography is a staple of most bloggers, much the same way jeans are a staple in most wardrobes.

Like jeans, no two people buy, wear and accessorize their jeans the same way, which is what fosters our unique personal style. This is the same type of unique signature style that is going to foster individuality in your blog images and propel your brand to instantly recognizable status.

The question is, how can you make stock photos your own?

Today's article dives deep into 6 ways you can take the 'stock' out of stock photography to seamlessly brand them with your unique signature style.

Check it out here:

#stockimages #stockphotos #visualcontent #branding 

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Remembering Lisa Bonchek Adams

All day my heart has been heavy because this morning I learned that Lisa Bonchek Adams died. I only knew her from a distance, reading her blog and tweeting with her a few times. 

But even though I was not close to her, her death impacts me. The world lost a phenomenal woman. She lived life with strength, gratitude and love in the face of death; and she was always transparent and shared her journey with us through her blogging and social media. 

She helped so many women, including myself, to embrace life and live it to the fullest no matter what you're faced with or how hard things get. 

I love this quote from her, "Find a bit of beauty in the world today. Share it. If you can’t find it, create it. Some days this may be hard to do. Persevere."

In her honor, I will take it to heart and do my best to always find the beauty in the world, even on my hardest days.

Lisa, you are loved and will be missed!

Let her death be a reminder to us all that BREAST CANCER kills! After all these years with the war on cancer, there still is NO CURE.

30% of all women who get diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer will eventually develop metastatic breast cancer, which there is no cure for. Sadly, Lisa was one of them and she won't be the last. This NEEDS to change!

Read more about her here:

#RememberLisa #LisaBonchekAdams #breastcancer   #bcsm  

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A great #quote  to live by...

"Never put the key to your happiness in someone else's pocket."

#quoteoftheday   #quotestoliveby  
Never put the key to your happiness in someone else's pocket.

New Book:
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Snapchat's new discovery feature is met with enthusiasm from these news organizations. See how they're using Snapchat. It just may spark some ideas for your brand's Snapchat strategy.

#socialmediamarketing   #snapchat  
Snapchat stories: Here’s how 6 news orgs are thinking about the chat app
by +Joseph Lichterman via Nieman Journalism Lab

Interesting article on how news outlets like Huffington Post, Fusion, Mashable, NPR,, and The Verge are using Snapchat.

Insights into media strategy,  audience, as well as where they see it going.
Read More:

#SnapChat   #SocialMediaMarketing  

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This Tuesday Twitter Tip from +Nicky Pasquier is definitely a social media best practice to live by (not only for Twitter but on other social networks, too). 

The 80/20 Rule: Share other people's content 80% of the time, and only 20% of time your own content.

And remember to always be helpful to others and the favor will be reciprocated.

h/t to +Carrie-Anne Foster

#socialmediatips   #socialmediabestpractice  

Don't forget that 'unspoken' rule on social media.

Share other people's content 80% of the time before you promote yourself.

Be helpful to others and the favour will be reciprocated.

Nobody likes that 'me, me, me' mentality! 

#smm   #socialmedia   #biztips   #Twitter   #twittertips  

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10 Instagram Tools for Small Business Owners
by +Kim Garst 

With engagement higher on Instagram than any other social media network, you'll want to leverage some of these Instagram tools to improve your social media marketing on Instagram.

#Instagram   #socialmediatools   #socialmediamarketing  
Using the right tools can save you time, money, and can make you a better marketer. Take these  tools for a test drive and tell me what you think!    

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How to Build a Loyal Audience on the Web
by +Neil Patel 

There’s no denying that Neil has a loyal following (us included...we love his content). Why? Because he consistently gives us quality and actionable information.

In his latest infographic he explains what it takes to create a loyal audience, which includes:

➤ Focusing on quality, not quantity by tracking metrics that matter
➤ Focusing on owned audiences (email lists) and not borrowed audiences (social media)
➤ Partner and leverage with influencers who have an audience you want
➤ Always test, test, test
➤ Create high-quality and targeted content
➤ Invest in design*

See Infographic Here:

* Visual communications and design are key elements to add to your marketing mix. It will help with attracting and building a loyal audience. If you’re looking to up your visual communications game and get design savvy then you need to know +Andrea Beltrami. Like Neil, Dre gives her readers and followers compelling and engaging content that makes us better visual communicators and marketers.

#emailmarketing #blogging #digitalmarketing #visualcommunications #design

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A helpful list of what's in season this month to help us eat in season.

Eating in season and buying locally is not only good for our bodies, but our planet, too!

Starting last fall, I've been buying most of my produce at my local farmer's market to get myself to eat in season and in doing so I've started eating new fruits and veggies, such as Jerusalem Artichokes (aka Sunchokes).

Jerusalem Artichokes are good for detoxification and make a great substitute for potatoes, which is especially good for those trying to keep their blood sugar down. They assist in blood sugar control and they don't spike your blood sugar like white potatoes do.

Although they're not on the list below, they're in season (in the U.S.) from October to April.

#veggies   #healthyeating   #JerusalemArtichokes   #eatinginseason  
Which fruits and veggies have been starring in your meatless meals this month? Here are some seasonal ideas from +Produce for Kids
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