Attention please, Ingress Agents.
Next destination of “100 postcards for 100 Ingress Agents at Anomaly site” is...Of corse BERLIN,GERMANY 🇩🇪!!

I’ll giveaway 100 large sized postcards with my latest Ingress fan art to all the Ingress Agents in Both faction who can find me at the XM Anomaly site. Please find me at place of registration or somewhere in the city of Berlin.
I Bring Postcards (and my Bio Card in different color for Berlin limited edition, and some of the bio cards that I designed) with red tote bag printed design of 1st photo in this post.

I wish to say hello and give the postcards many Ingress Agents in both faction as possible, Please take one postcard per a person.

Please find me at Berlin. I’m looking forward to see many Ingress Agents in there.

#exo5 #Ingress #xmanomaly #Berlin #fanart #artwork #vectorart #adobeillustrator #wacomintuospro
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