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Happy times... As always, Hans Zimmer is an inspiration. But announcing a tour now for November 2017? A bit strange...

My thoughts on 2.0 on the huawei watch .. I like the new interface and I definitely like the way the notifications look now, full screen and with the background color of the app. I got used quickly with using the physical button since I own two pebbles and i like using buttons. Also seeing the notification full screen for a few second when it arrives is cool. I like the keyboard reply feature, very intuitive and it works well.
Even if I like having all the controls in one screen, I don't like the music interface that much, especially how it acts in ambient mode: it takes up the whole screen and there's no way to tell even the time. The watch becomes a music player and sometimes notifications are lost and I can't get to them without exiting music.
A few bugs when I'm getting calls, sometimes the screen freezes. Other than that I like it. I'm going to stick with the preview.

Am i missing something in the music interface? Do you guys get notifications while listening to music, can you check them? 

When flashing 2.0 on Huawei watch, did anyone get the message failed : data too large? I don't know what to do... 

I want to flash the 2.0 preview on my Huawei watch. Do I need to flash the preview image for testing or the non preview image for after testing directly? 

Is there any way to watch YouTube videos on a huawei watch? Not just control but actual watching? 

So what am I doing wrong? I got the huawei watch update and I can't get the speaker to work. How do I answer calls from the watch? 

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I would like to share with you my
Minimal and Elegant - Preset: Narrow blue
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What app do you use to track battery usage on the watch? I'm having a huge drain today and I want to see why. 

So for a couple of days my watch keeps showing me "contacts temporarily unavailable". Any ideas? Everything is connected the way it should.. 

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The Simpsons did this a couple of months ago... 
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