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Mihir Waknis
I'm one of the best people I know
I'm one of the best people I know
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Hey guys, we haven’t’ changed our communities’ picture in a long time. I think we need a change. Please comment a link below, since G+ does not allow a direct photo upload from the comments. G+  requires that the picture be at least 960x540. “+1” the pictures you like best. I will select the top 2, and we will have a community poll about this.

Happy Carding!

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Should I add more Moderators to this community? If the majority of votes go to yes, I will handpick the people who I trust, and make them moderators.
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I have removed: "Team Absolution Vanguard".

If you see any posts by them , please flag it, and I will take care of it.

Thank you.

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