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Q) If Balwinder eats 100 butter chickens at ₹1each, but only pays ₹10, What does he get? profit? or loss?

A) Balwinder get heart attack.

Mary had a little lamb, With garlic sauce, basil and oregano, It was delicious.

Dear iPhone, no I don't mean to say "duck you". Please stop autocorrecting me. Sincere duck, A well-wisher.

Shutter-speed Test: Try different cameras to click photos of Arnab during NewsHour. Camera that manages a photo of his mouth shut, buy it.

Why is "going to the dogs" considered a negative statement? Dogs are loyal & love unconditionally. It's "going to the humans" that should be ugh!

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While reality swallows us slowly, 
We seek solace in pain, 
While rays of disappointment burn us dry, 
We crave shelter in rain.

Spotted a family in a Tata Nano being driven by their driver. So basically, he could work there for a year to make enough to buy his own.

Samsung has priced the Galaxy S5 at Rs 51,500? Unless the 'S' in the S5 stands for 'Shits Gold', they ought to be kidding themselves.

Sometimes scars inflicted in your dreams, pain you even when you wake up...
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