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It's worth a shot.. to the space.
Now, THIS is what we call an upgrade

#travel   #space   #flight   #Virgin  
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+Carly Day and +Chris Butterworth are still hanging around at eCommerce Expo in Melbourne - stop by and say hi if you're around
Dejan SEO @ The ECommerce Expo in Melbourne

We got an chance to meet up with some of our clients and answer a lot of questions about digital marketing from delegates. 

If you missed +Chris Butterworth's presentation on Content Marketing yesterday, you're not too late. We're here for another 3 hours, so if you're around Melbourne and have some time to spare, pop down for a one on one presentation, or check out the slides on the blog:
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Now officially one of the best technology blogs in Australia - +Dejan SEO
Now, would you look at that. We're listed as one of Australia's top business blogs. Big THANK YOU to all our readers. More exciting content is coming in April.
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Mihajlo Naumovic

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Concept of working hard and not giving up in order to be more creative is old but this video makes it even more convincing.
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Excerpt of the day.
Google is an information company and their job is to provide answers to our questions. If your business is based on the same model, then sooner or later you will be out of the game. Google has no ambition to show more search results in their search results. This is not being evil, it’s being efficient and giving your users the best answer, and quickly.

Who is at risk?

Any business which provides answers to questions including, but not limited to:

- Data, product and service aggregators
- Flight, hotel, car rental search and booking sites
- Price comparison, weather reports, sports results
- Event calendars and various other data-driven websites
- Domain information, IP address lookups, time/date and currency conversion.

Who is safe?

Original producers or content, products, tools and services will continue to enjoy the benefits of organic search traffic. One thing to watch out for is that your data is not detached from your brand and used to present to your audience directly through search results. Some already fear this might be taking place through rich snippets and the knowledge graph.

In Between

At this stage Google is incapable of providing well-organised, curated content or meaningful advice or opinion. In the next ten years or so we will still see human-generated content as dominant producer of this type of information and advice. The decade after that, however, will challenge this and we will see artificial intelligence assume a more meaningful role in content curation, opinion and even advice.

Excerpt from:
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Mihajlo Naumovic

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Smart move Google.
Google buys Titan Aerospace!

Facebook was supposed to be buying this, but Google snapped it up. The company makes solar-powered drones that can fly for five years without landing.

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Mihajlo Naumovic

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Every fantastic event has to have waffles. Very well put together by +Brisbane Marketing 
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Mihajlo Naumovic

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Good advice for big brands on carefully crating names of their social media pages.
Here's a Google+ tip for big brands. If you want people to engage and mention you more on Google+ use the name people use to refer to you colloquially.

Which sentence reads best to you?

a) I stayed at +Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts last night.
b) I stayed at +Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts last night.
c) I stayed at +Hilton Hotels & Resorts last night.
d) I stayed at +Best Western last night.

Arguably the best solution is to mention the actual hotel directly, for example:

I stayed at +Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore last night. 

The problem is that local hotel names don't pop up in your suggestion list that easily. For example, for the above to work you had to enter "+Shangri-La..." while "Shangri La..." wouldn't trigger local hotel page.
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Stress - it's all in your head. Delegate things that you're not good at and have trust in people whom you've delegated to.
Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer on the benefits of mindfulness in an age of increasing chaos:
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What a fantastic idea and great execution - Bite-Sized SEO tips.
We have partnered with +HubSpot to produce short video series discussing practical SEO solutions. Get access to free #SEOBiteSized video series here: 

- How to do a quick ranking search
- Making sure your site isn't blocked by search engines
- How to make sure your XML sitemap is working
- Monitoring and improving site performance
- How to effectively select and use keywords
- How to spot and remove internal duplicate content
- Checking your site’s popularity and trustworthiness

Presenter: +Chris Butterworth 
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