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This is the circle I've prepared long before circle sharing was introduced as the one that would be displayed on my profile page.

It includes people who's work I enjoy deeply but also people that are making this the most awesome community out there!

Hope you find someone new and enjoy their work as much as I do.

I've might have missed someone and for that I apologies in advance.

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Awesome group you put together. They really are a talented and friendly bunch. ;-)
This is probably the best circle on Google+, no joke.
Thank you my friend, it' really an honor to be in your list!
Alright I will give em a try... :)
Thanks for sharing the circle, Mihailo.
Well, this explains it all :) All of a sudden a 100 new ads... Hvala Mihailo, cudo si! I to mislim na vrlo pozitivan nacin :)
I gotta get me into a photography circle!
Thanks for the share! I'm secretly patting myself on the back for already circling half of these great guys and gals: looking forward to exploring the work of the ones new to me.
thanks mihailo! and i wondered where the hell all these people are coming from... :) have a nice evening!
I have most of those people already in my circles. Thanks for sharing them!
Thank you!!!! My 3rd compositor! heheh :P :)
Gotta love a top photographer on G+ willing to "share the love". That's really cool to see. I'll add your suggestions, and strive to be worthy of inclusion on your list at some point in the future.
+Jeffrey Sullivan I ain't no top photographer, and you are in my circles. You are serious guy and amazing photographer so I think you are just kidding about the worthiness thing.
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