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Sometimes I love rain ... when it's warm.

But when it's so cold like today I want my sun back. Gives me energy. Damn clouds!

... g(rainy)ood morning!
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Superbly observed. Really great work here Mihailo!
Noze P.
rain sun rain sun rain sun.... damn april here
čuh nekog dedu: "Šta se deco čudite snegu? Mera mu do krova, a rok do Đurđevdana"
oO Time for breakfast to warm you up Oo And btw the photo is great.
And one hint, how do you protect your camera when it is raining?
this is so beautiful! love the reflection or line in the middle. works really well
good morning, I love rain too, without ambrella. Feeling and sniffing the rain. Nice photo.
I love rain, indeed and... I guess I like this photo ...
Great shot, I like how the shadow splits the picture in two.
well done really stunning composition and the mood/atmosphere of this image is awesome.
@草榴社区, what does Grass garnet community adult free release station mean? or is google translate way off base lol
I could ship you a bit of sun from India... but in the mean time, your picture, reminiscent of yin and yang, is beautiful.
Every drop of rain in April is golden. It makes all those tiny sprouts of wheat and maize thriving. So cheer up and think positive! Whether we like this cold spell or not is another issue. It does stink. :)
Always remember that life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain! can you do that? so butiful..
but sometimes rain helps to hide my tears when I'm sad..
but i say "aye bristi jhape,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"
the road is so wide.
i can't find it at solo, indonesia
great , i like the photo
I was in the Naval Weather Service at N.A.A.S. Chase Field, annual average rain fall, 13 inches. Places like that always want rain. Look at it this way no rain, no crops, no crops no food.
tilt ur head to the left (the other left) is that the dark knight logo in the middle of the street ?
Thanks for the umbrella. Sydney is wet, wet, wet... Been raining all day, all night for two days straight!
Jun He
Thanks the umbrella,making the pic more ....
This is a great picture. Thanks for sharing.
red sun is in front of u ,then why u r feeling Cooooooold.
I LOVE rainy days anyway+++++++nice pic+
when waiting the sun comes back why don't you enjoy a cup of coffee, listen to music and wrap around with warm blanket ;)
buena foto,amigo tengo una amiga que tiene fotos muy lindas,claro ella es muy linda tu realizas fotomontages dela fotos originales?
U dont thankful..,i like any seasons
I think I am a very rare human-being because I'd rather have a rainy and cloudy day as a pose to a sun filled day. I guess it has a lot to do with my having RA and not being outdoorsey anymore. But, on those days I like to curl up with my Kindle Fire and light some candles, and just chill I feel like I'm in a cocoon. ;-)
my girlfriend is the same way. She cant wait for the rain and thunder.
I'm with you Melody. RA makes it tuff to even get out of bed sometimes!
nice picture i like how the red really stands out!!
Beautiful... all grey and black and then that splash.
red umbrella looks nice with grey & black.
Da nema kiše, ne bi se nosio kišobran.. Da nema kišobrana, ne bi nastala ovakva fotka.. Ipak nije strašno loše vreme, zar ne?! :)
Well I love the rain even if it is cold.... but thats a really good image...
i love this particular pic
I feel the same way Hasan, but I do agree too much cold and wet is never fun.
I can't tell you how many times we played in the rain in Singapore. SO fun! Cold rain, notsomuch. :-) LOVE this shot, +Mihailo Radičević ! Where's my flower? Ha ha ha!
ako ovo neko cita znajte da je limundo najveca prevara i laz dopustaju namestanje licitacije i teske prevare narode limundo je dozvoljena prevara
limundo je najveca prevara i laz prevaraaaaaaaaaaaaaa
jaan sk
how meny umberillas u got yaaar
volim kisu i slike o kisi...teraju me na razmisljanje....
nevolim kisu,uvek budi u meni proslost,
mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!i love wat wat i see,the man fighting with rain and the lady calmly walking like it wasnt heavy nway just halla me when shits gets tight u no!warm arms open wide for you.
l'idea è poetica, il contrasto cromatico rivela la ricerca.
hey its heart touching man!!!!!!!!!!!!!@
really u r great!!!!!!!!!!!
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