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This Reddit comment is a great summary if what's happening in Marawi City in the Philippines, with good sources:

"This isn't accurate and a lot of false news have been spread out by ISIS sympathizers and political machines that seek to take advantage of the situation.

1. Control of Marawi City is still largely in military hands. The bandits are holed up in a few neighborhoods but are largely in defensive mode.

2. The group that took over isn't really ISIS but ISIS sympathizers, i.e. people who want to play ISIS or at least get some sort of franchise recognition from the main group.

3. A lot of the reports, including the stuff mentioned here, are unconfirmed and being debunked one-by-one as news coverage is improving in the area. Reports of beheaded police chiefs, priests etc have been proven false by the said beheaded people themselves.

4. The number is closer to 100 insurgents and there are no "dozens" of military hardware seized, unless you count that armored bank car they are parading around in.

5. Doctors from the said hospital are now saying they were never taken over by the armed rebels.

edit: sorry for the lack of sources. To be honest, I still try to sift through the articles even if they're from purportedly credible sources in our country since the dynamic nature of the situation and the emotions of everybody, including officials and journalists, are running a bit too high for full objectivity.

There's a nice situationer by the Philippine Star in this link:

And here's a more recent article about the hospital "under siege":

The problem as I see it is that reports from various eyewitnesses are contradictory and even the government officials are getting it wrong way too many times. As I see it, the only time we'll really know what happened is when the fighting's ended and people can corroborate information.

edit again: Lots of people are commenting on how #2 doesn't matter that this is ISIS. That's easy to say from your perspective in the same way you can see the Syrian conflict as pro-assad, anti-assad, and isis. The picture locally is much much more murky.

I'll try to simplify things. Lots of people in South East Asia want to join ISIS in Syria but it's too far. There are lots of islamist groups in the Philippines and South East Asia (JI, MILF, ASG, and a dozen others) but nobody's as hardline as ISIS, which emphasizes religious doctrine and nothing else. The rest of the groups have financial and political motivators. That's why even when people want to join ISIS but cant, they dont join the other groups. The Maute Group is one such radical group but they do not following ISIS doctrines. They're more of a hired gun group and bandits from other bandit groups. They want those potential ISIS members to join them. They did this attack in the ISIS name so they world will call them ISIS. By getting the branding they get more people to join them. To lump them together is to legitimize what they want."

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Is there a hardcover edition??

Post has attachment Anthony Bourdain will eat his way through Queens in Sunday's episode of 'Parts Unknown'

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Yeah, ok, I'm in.

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Forest Hills Gardens in May

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fascinating look into jury nullification

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a quick recap of what happened so far

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Roger Deakins da gawd

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Congrats to the Macron campaign if this is true. And congrats to the French people, who despite suffering greater casualties due to terrorism than the American people did, rejected nativism rather than embrace it. As the quote goes, "Play La Marseillaise. Play it."

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a day in which Kayleigh hit one kind of kid with a sword, and later on gently carried another kind
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