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Mihai Herman
Business coach for creative entrepreneurs.
Business coach for creative entrepreneurs.

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We're going to talk about the most common blocks that are keeping creative entrepreneurs (coaches, writers, artists, designers, consultants, etc) broke and you are also going to get access to a pdf and lots of other freebies!

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Learn the exact strategies I've used to get published on the Huffington Post and other big websites in order to build my brand, get new relationships and make more money.

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Tips, strategies and tools that will help you reach 3,000 email subscribers in 2016.

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Learn what the PRO bloggers do to make sure their articles are read and shared virally, plus 8 questions and one amazing tool to come up with content for a full year of blogging.

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In this webinar we'll discuss about hosting choices, how to choose the right template and I'll also give you an action plan on how to launch it yourself in one month. 

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This webinar is part of a series in which I'll talk about online marketing and business in more details. This one is just an introduction to a few terms and concepts. 

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Win a Macbook Air!

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Hey everyone, 

I am at Startup Weekend Timisoara working on an innovative web-based email inbox manager. Would love to see any feedback from you as we are 4 hours away from the final pitch. 

Our Startup: Enveloper 

What we do: we are on a mission to reinvent how people email. 

How we do it: we are currently building a web-based & mobile app that will have all standard features from Gmail + the awesomeness below: 
- email collaboration: bring your team to contribute 
- real-time editing feature: everyone in your group can see what you edit in a previous email in real-time
- improved filters 
- one account, all your emails
- & much more 

How will this help you: Picture this: you work on a project and have information in several threads in gmail (if you are lucky and not yahoo) + a lot of files shared in Drive/Dropbox. Now, let's say you want to find a document, how easy will it be? We will bring Gmail + Drive in one place and we'll give you a platform to work on your projects. No more need to switch between accounts, tabs, create filters, etc. 

We are also allowing you to edit a previously sent email and your collaborators will see that in real-time. This will eliminate all those 10 emails you should have sent just to clarify an issue and will help you have your information more organized and easy to read. 

Attached is a sneak peak of how the app will look like (on all devices). 

We only have the landing page up for the BETA signup for now:

But i am more than happy to send you more info once they are up and running. 

What do you think about our idea? What is good? What we can improve? How we could market it? Any feedback is very valuable to us. 

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The Falcon 9 rocket in SpaceX’s hangar at Cape Canaveral, preparing to launch #Dragon to the space station this Sunday at 4:41 am EDT.
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