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Custom Views & Performance
Screencast: finding a memory leak
Indexing vs. Iteration : which is faster
The right time to invoke a GC() event
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Mihai Campean

Tips and Tricks  - 
Anyone know how this can be done?
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SG Replicators anyone?
This is just awesome: MIT researchers unveil incredible self-assembling robots. Watch them in action:
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:-) howdy
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Mihai Campean

Philosophy of AI  - 
An intriguing story of artificial spirituality. Please comment on the original :).
Artificial Spirituality
Android Legacy II Workshop (Oliver Wetter) They say that artificial intelligence is not the expression of a soul. They say if we believe so, then we…
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Mihai Campean

Philosophy of AI  - 
Mihai Campean originally shared:
Consider this a warning - we need to prepare ourselves for the changes about to come :).
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And everything works in real time with great responsiveness.
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Mihai Campean

Tips and Tricks  - 
Hi everybody,

  I have a quick question: Is there a way to update an Android app from within itself, silently, without the user being prompted about the update? I'm working for a customer who wants to do something like check for an update on their servers when the application first starts, downloads the new apk if needed, and installs it as an update. This will be a non Google Play application and will be pre-loaded on specific hardware. I would also be interested in some tips and documentation on how updates for pre-loaded apps should function.

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+Mihai Campean Check out . inAppSquared is an In-App App Distribution platform. Your use-case is one of the things this library is designed to solve. The library is still in development but you can check out the first app using it at . Let me know if you have any questions. 
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Looks like the DARPA challenge is showing some results.
NASA’s Valkyrie is a ‘superhero’ robot that could lead us to Mars
NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) has finally unveiled Valkyrie, its “superhero robot” entry to the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) Trials, which take place on December 20 in Florida. Valkyrie will compete against fellow humanoid robots, such as Atlas, on a series of eight physical tasks to test the dexterity and autonomy of the robots, with the chance of going forward to the DRC Finals in 2014, where it could win $2 million from the US government. The DRC isn’t about money, though: It’s all about accelerating humanity’s development of advanced humanoid robots, for use in hazardous situations… such as war.

Valkyrie, so named after the supernatural female figures in Norse mythology that plucked fallen warriors from the field of battle and transported them to Valhalla for an eternity of feasting and mead quaffing, is 1.9 meters tall (6’2) and weighs 125 kilos (275 lbs). Valkyrie, or Val for short, has 44 degrees of freedom (divided up between her legs, feet, arms, hands, torso, and head) and is capable of walking over uneven terrain, driving a vehicle, and using tools. Oh, and yes, that is a glowing NASA logo emblazoned on her chest a la Iron Man.

Source and further reading:
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+Steven Jandreau How am I a threat? (I'm glad you didn't call me racist.)
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Collaborative robots.
Eager to design machines that can be used for a wider range of tasks, technologists are now figuring out how to bring robots “out of the cage” so that they can work safely and more productively with people. The aim is to combine the dexterity, flexibility and problem-solving skills of humans with the strength, endurance and precision of robots. The emergence of “co-operative” or “collaborative” robots, as these new machines are called, could also lead to robots that are better able to help out in the office, at school or in the home
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Mihai Campean

Lifestyle  - 
Thought I'd share my latest project. It's a Hasbro R2D2 toy modded with a Raspberry Pi. It is controlled over wifi with a web browser. There is a webcam that streams live video and a small projector mounted inside to play movies and sounds.
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Yes, it's pretty cool. I'm thinking of building one for myself  and my son :)
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This remote control robot can turn left and right and navigate through hoops. Pretty standard for a robot with a simple controller. However, in this case, the controller is the researcher's mind. The person controlling the robot imagines making a fist with their right hand to move the robot right, and so on. 
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Indeed, it would be a pretty cool tool to have around :-) 
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Mihai Campean

Tips and Tricks  - 
Hi all,

I am trying to do programmatic update to the application I am writing, since it is not a Google Play application and I want to provide a way to do updates.

I've been searching around and found out how to start the Android installer after I download the APK for the update, but I need to get a result from the installer, that tells me if the update succeeded or not, or if it was cancelled by the user.

I saw a bunch of questions on StackOverflow about this, and the answers usually involved using a broadcast receiver. The problem with that is that it can only receive intents about the package being installed, not about canceled installs of fails.

I did some more research and it seems the Intent API provides some extras such as Intent.EXTRA_RETURN_RESULT, which if set to true should return a result from the installer activity - I guess via onActivityResult. Unfortunately this doesn't work. Is there anybody that got this working/does it work like this?

Thanks in advance.
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+Robert Hahn I checked out the reply on StackOverflow, and you are right, i was using the activity startActivityForResult instead of the one from the fragment I was in. I did the change and now the result comes back when you cancel the update. When I install the update, the app just stops, I think that is the default behavior, and I should somehow re-start the application. Thanks for the tip though, it was very useful!
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