Why Facebook must fix its horrible mobile apps.

If you could think of a single behavior that defines the zeitgeist our time, it would be the uploading of mobile phone pictures to Facebook.

This particular act -- and the convergence of social networking and mobile computing generally -- dominates the hard-core center of what’s happening in Silicon Valley right now. The reason is that sharing mobile photos has suddenly become central to people’s identity and how they connect with others.

As such, it’s the un-tapped marketing opportunity of the millennium.

That’s why it’s weird that big social networks in general, and Facebook in particular, have failed to create a good mobile experience for users -- or a sustainable way to monetize mobile. It hasn’t been a priority -- until now. It shouldn’t be so complicated or take so long. At the very least, there are two major all-purpose social networks (Facebook and Google+) and two major mobile platforms (iOS and Android). The Apple iPad utterly dominates the tablet scene, so at minimum Facebook and Google should be concerned with the iPad

Given the centrality and importance of mobile social networking, Facebook and Google should have totally compelling apps for iPhones, iPads and Android phones.

Yet both these companies have failed to get anywhere near this all-important goal. And for Facebook, the timing couldn't be worse.

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