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A new collaborative effort on how to improve Google +
A group of Google+ users got together and we put our ideas in writing on how we see the platform can be improved.

+Jaana Nyström believes Google can use its current language detection algorithms to categorize posts. +Lars Fosdal suggests having autocomplete for categories. +pio dal cin looks forward to a time based system for notifications. +Jack C Crawford suggest logical operations with circles and +Susanne Ramharter proposes defining categories for communities. +Brian Gundersen wants to be able to share to followers and +Miguel Rodriguez suggests exposing thematic streams to followers. +paul stickland packs several suggestions to improve readability, while +jUKKA Kansanaho wants a client for Windows mobile phones. And the cherry on the top comes from +Giselle Minoli musings on the art of sort

A special mention to +Denis Labelle who brought us all together and our editor at Mediatapper +Grace O'Malley.

Read the details in the Mediatapper article:
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I just wish the my list of who's on-line at the moment (the left hand column) didn't scroll off the top of the page with the rest of the content.
Permit me to get out the sandpaper and smooth out some of my hard-edged early-morning statement. First I want to heartily thank Media Tapper for assembling this excellent troupe of content-creators for their recommendations. Second I want to stand and second most of what was said in the main article. The stream is an inefficient conveyor of content, content should be filterable by topic, and circles ought be supplemented by folders. But last and most important of all, I want to thank Google for providing such a fine, albeit imperfect, forum in which to discover new friends, new interests and give voice to our deepest yearnings. I especially appreciate how Google invests time, energy and talent to continuously improve Google+ and I'm glad to offer my assistance in this effort.

What follows are three interrelated improvements not mentioned in the Media Tapper article, that address the core functionality which differentiates Google+ from other commercial social media outlets: extended conversation through comments and resharing of original posts.

Threaded Comments
This should be easy to implement: allow users to comment directly to a comment. Blogs have provided this functionality since, well, forever.
Promote Comments
Comments are second-class citizens on Google+. They should be given equivalent weight as originating posts. They should be fully searchable. They should also be sharable (pointed at — see next item) by others, making them effectively the same as a post. They should also be able to be promoted into a separate post, pulling along all the existing comments.
Point to Shared Posts Instead of Creating a Separate Stream
I hate the way conversations become fragmented. Every share of a post begins a new conversation stream. Yesterday +Jeff Jockisch posted something that was shared 233 times. It is impossible for anyone to monitor, much less interact with, 233 different conversations. Why not make shares into pointers to the original post? But with 233 pointers to a single conversation, wouldn't this become too large and unwieldy to follow? Not necessarily. The discussion can be separated by thread, which is a much more natural way to divide a public conversation than by the accident of who has circled whom. Indeed it has the added benefit of helping individuals with shared interests or goals discover each other. Remember, any one of these comment threads may be promoted as an individual post.
Really interesting. I can't say I would use all of the ideas mentioned, but I can certainly see the value they offer in general. Hope it gets through ;)
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+Jacob Dix Ah, I see. :( Then, I'm afraid, there is no solution for you other then temporarily turn of the mails for all notifications, and turn it back in a day.
'Miguel Rodriguez suggests exposing thematic streams to followers.'

+Miguel Rodriguez - look at this summary of numerous people suggested pretty much the same idea - implementing Content Channels. So many people came with this idea, it's definitely a big missing piece of Google+. Unfortunately, Google+ dev team seems to ignore this idea...

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I'd love to see the 'thematic posts' or subscriptions that I (and everyone else proposed during the beta), sadly Facebook has already made creating private 'groups' a new intuitive feature. In their model you create groups, add your friends to them and post into those private groups. Your friends can decide to opt out. I've created new discussions there on different aspects of my interests. I really can not do that here, and the friends I brought to G+ early on are all reverting back to Facebook. I'm sorry this never became a feature here. It might have helped adoption. +Vladimir Kelman Thanks for rehydrating out long dead feature request.
Better later than never: big thanks +Miguel Rodriguez for organizing this article. I'm more than ready to participate other similar projects.
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