A new collaborative effort on how to improve Google +
A group of Google+ users got together and we put our ideas in writing on how we see the platform can be improved.

+Jaana Nyström believes Google can use its current language detection algorithms to categorize posts. +Lars Fosdal suggests having autocomplete for categories. +pio dal cin looks forward to a time based system for notifications. +Jack C Crawford suggest logical operations with circles and +Susanne Ramharter proposes defining categories for communities. +Brian Gundersen wants to be able to share to followers and +Miguel Rodriguez suggests exposing thematic streams to followers. +paul stickland packs several suggestions to improve readability, while +jUKKA Kansanaho wants a client for Windows mobile phones. And the cherry on the top comes from +Giselle Minoli musings on the art of sort

A special mention to +Denis Labelle who brought us all together and our editor at Mediatapper +Grace O'Malley.

Read the details in the Mediatapper article:

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