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In which shared circles are you? A killer new feature by the CircleCount folks
We all have seen posts by users who are welcoming new followers and wondering who added them to a shared circle. Until now finding out who to thank for adding you to a circle was an interesting treasure hunt since Google + does not inform you when you are included in a shared circle.

The CircleCount folks are releasing a new very useful table that will inform you in which public circles you have been included. This will help folks that see suddenly increase in their number of followers understand who has included them in which circle and give them the opportunity of thanking them. This feature is available in your profile page in (Login and select Your Profile)

You can view the latest shared circles here:

And view the details of a shared circle (A recent example where I was shared):

And if you want to read about other features in CircleCount, check the following article:

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checking it out when i'm back on a computer, sure looks fun!!
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I had just noticed this feature earlier today - it's awesome and indeed really useful to figure out where random influxes of new circlers are coming from. Sometimes I've wanted to say "thanks" but haven't known who to thank. Now I do!
Cool place to explore circle's !!!
+Miguel Rodriguez Interesting feature! I'll have to check it out for sure. The only thing that "scares" me, is it'll almost be another "job"! Once I get used to using it, I'll feel terrible if I forget to thank someone! LOL
How do you get it to show which circles that you are in ? I only see the option to search or post circles.
By clicking on the grey squares on the right with your mouse wheel it opens up both the Circlecount circle info (CC) and the post in question in Google+ (G+) in a new tab. No need to go back and forth.
Thanks a lot +P E Sharpe!
You are right, the list of shared circles is not complete, since we can't catch all shared circled through the API, but we try to get a lot of them. Plus: You can add shared circles by yourself on this page:
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