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Saving the forest one papertowel at a time
1) Shake (12 times, your hands)
2) Fold (The towel before drying your hands)

Worth the 5 minutes of your time
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You could save the planet quicker if you never used paper towels and used a real towel that dies out after usage. As +James Poulson says.
Support sustainable pulp production. Use more paper towels.
Pockets. You dry'em. Only you're disconforted. Sacrifice.
Sadly not all restrooms offer air driers yet. Still stuck with paper towels some places. 
Air dryers are significantly less hygenic than paper towels.
Don't wash your hands, it saves water too. Bacteria and viruses are good for you, they keep your defenses in tiptop shape.
I just shake my hands after washing them and shortly after you leave the restroom, your hands are dry. I did have to teach my husband that if he holds my hand after I come out of a public restroom, it will be wet :).
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