Crowdsourcing: How we wrote an article about how Maslow applies to social media
Last week MediaTapper published a crowd sourced article on how Maslow theories apply to social media. I was lucky to be part of the team that put the article together. Today I want to share with you the process that was used to create, edit and publish something that is produced by multiple people.

It all started with +Rod Dunne publishing a picture of his view on how the Maslow hierarchy would apply to Google+. +Denis Labelle reshared the image and an interesting discussion ensued in his post. +Giselle Minoli wrote in a comment that she would like to read an article on Maslow written together by Rod and myself.

+Jack C Crawford helped us with some edits and the article also got posted by +Mike Elgan. Read below the tools that we used and how the process went. It was fun to be part of this creative process. I can only recommend it to you. promote/
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