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You know that feeling when your back is against the wall and you just dont want to fight anymore to gain any ground....well I am there now. Once again passed over in my job by an asshole. Even though I am the better canidate.
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Retired out of the military after almost ten years for medical where i was a accomplished high ranking sniper, and now passed over by some ***wipe that was in the national guards for a spot I wanted in the new company I work for.
Yo keep the faith man from one army soldier to another, civilians don't understand the true qualities of military personnel. It's frustrating to say the least but consider it a stepping stone rather than a stumbling block. HOOAH. Hold your head up.
Thats the funny part they gave the job i wanted to this other guy that just got out of the military tool, i was promised the job worked hard for it but because he sucks at the job i do now he cant do it so i get screwed cause i do the right thing...what did i learn? Nice guys finish last.
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