(I of VI) Sunset at Careanos. (Praia da Rocha, Portugal)

For those unable to attend our current photo exhibition, I am (re)posting the six images I have on display.

These have been posted before but are now buried in my stream, so new followers and visitors are unable to locate them easily (and I do not like the album concept of G+, so I do not use it). I will not repeat the detail of the first post, but will provide a quick context for each photograph: the label text on display at the exhibition, and a quick summary of the tech info.

As natural light subsides at low tide, cliffs and algae covered rocks reveal their rich detail at Careanos beach, next to Praia da Rocha. Shooting at the Moon perigee allowed the capture of the sleeping satellite in splendid conditions.

Quick tech stuff
Canon: 7D + EF-S 15-85mm IS @ 15mm
4s @  f/11 & ISO 100

ps: the quality of these 6 posts is deliberately kept as "for online view only": small size + low resolution

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