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MID Diamonds | GIA, EGL & HRD Certified Loose & Wholesale Diamonds
MID Diamonds | GIA, EGL & HRD Certified Loose & Wholesale Diamonds

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"Toi et Moi". (Me and You). Need we say more?
Now at #middiamonds inventory: 

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MID holds one of the most extensive inventories of #fancycolored #diamonds in the world, and is able to service its clients from all eight of its global offices, as well as the numerous trade fairs it attends.
Its stock ranges from large individual stones, some in vivid and intense fancy colors, and smaller stones that can be matched for complex #jewelry designs.
Register now at and get free access to MID's inventory.


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Two weeks from today, on June 5, the most important industry event in the calendar year of the world’s most important diamond and jewelry market will open for business. For four days, through June 9, the 2017 JCK Show in Las Vegas will grab the attention and the imagination of the American and international trades, and for the 20th year running MID House of Diamonds will be there in full force.

It is a later than usual start for the JCK Show this year, with the fair’s organizers, Reed Exhibitions, deciding to delay its opening by several days to accommodate Jewish exhibitors celebrating the Shavuot holiday. Also of interest is that this will be last time the show takes place within the shimmering golden facade of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, before returning to its original home in the Venetian Convention Center in 2018.

JCK is not simply another trade fair. It is a phenomenon that takes over the Las Vegas Strip almost completely. Over the years it has spawned an assortment of satellite shows, held immediately before, during and afterwards, in the city that proudly bills itself as the entertainment and convention capital of the United States. As a result, practically every professional gem and jewelry buyer flies for what is now called the Jewelry Market Week, not to mention a major proportion of the international trade.

But the JCK Show is most definitely the main event. Bringing together more than 30,000 of the world’s most influential industry professionals, its exhibition halls will feature over 2,300 vendors showing finished jewelry, loose diamonds and gemstones, watches, equipment, supplies, technology, packaging, security and business solutions. Some 23,000 individual retailers will be in attendance, representing more than 9,4000 retail stores, ranging from independents, majors, department stores, boutiques and galleries. Fully 23 percent of the retail stores represented will be from outside of the United States.

This will be the 22nd time the JCK Show is being held, and MID House of Diamonds has been every time since the third edition in 1998. The company literally has grown along with the trade fair.

MID’s exhibition booth is located in the Diamond Plaza, at Bayside, Level 1, stand B52017.

Among the largest of the displays it prepares at any show around the world, the company’s Las Vegas offering includes a massive collection of white and fancy-colored loose diamonds, in all shapes and sizes from 0.30 carats to plus-10.00 carats. Also featured will a collection of unique, high-end diamond jewelry.

They say that what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas. Not so when it comes to JCK. What is shown and bought at the show sets the tone and pace for the remainder of the diamond, gemstone and jewelry business year throughout the United States, and around the world as well.

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What makes MID an Industry leader?

A hallmark of the business world today is the massive involvement of sophisticated technology, not only in product development and manufacturing, but in the marketing and sales process as well. In the diamond trade this was not a foregone conclusion, for many believed that with valuable merchandise, where often subtle variations in carat, clarity, color and cut can have substantial effects on value, buyers would be reluctant for forgo the traditional physical examination of the stone.

At MID House of Diamonds, the standard operating principle has been to embrace technological development, but the company recognized both the opportunities and the challenges that e-commerce presents. “We understood immediately that this is going to a be a significant part of our industry’s future, but at the same time realized that we should not expect our clients to compromise in terms of the purchasing experience,” explained Asaf Hirsh, MID’s Vice President of Online Marketing. “We made it our goal, therefore, to develop a system that would provide the access, choice and immediate response that the new technology provides, while at the same time ensuring that the clients feel able to make a reasoned and rational purchasing decision, with the same and possibly even more information available than what they were used to in a traditional office setting.”
With this guiding principle, the company developed its online sales platform, which today operates around the clock and includes thousands of loose diamonds available for immediate delivery, complementing the company’s global brick and mortar operation in eight offices in diamond and jewelry centers around the world.

Clients using computers are able to access the MID online sales platform via the SEARCH DIAMONDS menu item on the company’s main website at A general search of the database is possible to for first-entry users, but in order to obtain certain information, such as prices, registration is required.

Clients on the move can search the MID sales platform using an mobile application, which is available both in Apple and Android format, free of charge from the Apple and Google Play stores. It provides a remarkably intuitive user’s experience.

A variety of search criteria are available, including standard ones, such as shape, weight, color and clarity. But users are also able to search using more specific criteria, including quality of cut, polish and symmetry; fluorescence; pavilion depth and table ratio; general ratio; types of treatments or absence of treatments; and laboratories issuing grading reports.

A variety of search criteria are available, including standard ones, such as shape, weight, color and clarity. But users are also able to search using more specific criteria, including quality of cut, polish and symmetry; fluorescence; pavilion depth and table ratio; general ratio; types of treatments or absence of treatments; and laboratories issuing grading reports.

Each diamond meeting the user’s search criteria is a listed, with a comprehensive breakdown of the stone’s dimensions and quality criteria. Users are able to download and study grading reports.

Selections are added to added to a shopping cart, but the transaction is not completed automatically. After the contents in the shopping cart are received by the company, an MID sales representative personally contacts the clients to finalize the sale and arrange delivery. With items as valuable as diamonds, MID feels, the one-to-one relationship remains essential.

To provide users of the online system with a comprehensive buyer’s experience, MID uploads with each stone a magnified, 3-D photograph, which can be turned and manipulated in the same way one would do if examining the stone physically under a loupe. It is produced with Vision 360 (V360), an imaging system built specifically to meet the exacting demands of the diamond, gemstone and jewelry business. It is a 21st Century tool for what is most definitely a 21st Century company.

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11 Shows, 8 Countries, 43 Days...
MID House of Diamond is a diamond company with an international perspective, where the primary goal is to provide clients with optimal access to its comprehensive inventory, whenever necessary and wherever in the world they are located. Its global strategy is multi-layered, including eight permanent offices in major diamond and jewelry centers, a sophisticated 24-hour online sales platform, and a regular presence at international trade shows.

For 43 days over the coming 12 months, teams of MID sales executives will staff company booths at a variety of diamond and jewelry trade fairs in eight different countries, essentially bringing the company, its people and its merchandise directly to its market. The shows include:

June 5-8, 2017
Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, USA
Booth: B52017

June 22-25, 2017
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
Booth: 3B302

July 27-31, 2017
Bombay Exhibition Centre
Booth: Hall 5 Area 18 OB077-OB079

September 3-5, 2017
Olympia, London, UK
Booth: C90

September 13-17, 2017
Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong
Booth: Hall 7, Booth 7T02

November 30-December 3, 2017
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Booth: E-F2, E-F4, E-G1, E-G3

January 24-27, 2018
Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
Booth: A11-14

March 22-27, 2018
Messe Basel, Basel, Switzerland
Booth: 3.1 B-07

February 27-March 3, 2018
Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong
Booth: AWE 2 – S02

TBA, February 2018
Israel Diamond Exchange, Ramat Gan, Israel
Booth: 205

May 6-8, 2018
Antwerp Expo, Antwerp, Belgium
Booth: Hall 4, Stand 4B-20

Meet #middiamonds at one of the Trade shows around the world...

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On May 16 in Geneva, Sotheby’s magnificent gems and jewelry auction will feature an unusually mismatched pair of diamonds, which are centerpieces of what has been described the “most valuable” earrings ever to have been put on the block at public sale. What makes them unusual as that the one stone is blue and the other pink, and, although they are a set, they will be sold as separate lots.

The diamonds involved are both pear-shaped, with the one being the “Apollo Blue,” a 14.54-carat, fancy vivid blue, internally flawless diamond. Its pre-sale estimate is set at $38 million to $50 million, meaning it could fetch $3.4 million per carat. The second stone is the “Artemis Pink,” a 16-carat, fancy intense pink, VVS2-clarity diamond. Its pre-sale estimate is $12.5 million to $18 million, meaning it could get $1.1 million per carat. In Greek mythology Apollo and Artemis were twins born to the king of the gods Zeus, and his wife Leto.

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It has been a rushed two days for the MID House of Diamonds team exhibiting at CARAT+, the trade show in Antwerp dedicated to both diamonds and diamond jewelry, which will end tomorrow, May 9. Located in Hall 4, Stand 4B-20, they have employed a various of means, both classic and cutting edge, to draw in buyers traversing the exhibition area.

MID’s strongest suit, as it always is, is the choice and quality of the diamonds on display. For this specific event, it has packed its showcases with a variety of spectacular stones, both in terms of size and color, with one wing of the booth dedicated specifically to diamonds of vivid fancy yellow colors.

But in the modern diamond trade, cutting-edge companies complement traditional sales and marketing strategies with technological solutions, and MID is no exception. Standing at the entrance to the company’s booth at CARAT+ is the SharingBox, into which show goers are invited to gaze, and then take a photograph, provide certain contact details and note their purchase requirements. For this they are rewarded with an attractive printed self-portrait, featuring the MID logo, but more important their details are added into the company’s database.

“At the end of the day the SharingBox is an ice breaker, and we then need to supply them with the diamonds and service they require in order to close the deal,” said David Meirov, from MID’s Belgian office. “But it is an effective tool at a trade show, where many companies are represented and each looks for elements that will cause buyers to pause for a moment before their booth.”

At the end of CARAT+, the MID team will not be leaving Belgium, but rather returning to their regular quarters in the Antwerp Diamond District, where they serve the city’s diamond trade every other day of the business year.

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For more than 500 years, Diamond buyers have been drawn to #Antwerp, the hub of the world’s trade. Typically they gravitate to the Diamond District, but this coming Sunday, May 7, through Tuesday, May 9, the focus will shift to the Antwerp Expo, the city’s main exhibition center, which will be hosting CARAT+, a new international trade show dedicated exclusively to diamonds and diamond jewelry.
MID House of Diamonds will be represented at the show, with its exhibition booth located in Hall 4, Stand 4B-20. CARAT+ provides an excellent opportunity to make the acquaintance with one of the diamond industry’s most dynamic diamond companies.
There literally are thousands of reasons to visit MID’s booth at CARAT+, most of them round, brilliant or fancy shaped. But here are another five:

1. MID is one of the world’s 10 largest manufacturers and suppliers of polished diamonds, and has led Israel’s top exporter list for the past two years running.

2. MID is a one-stop-shop, enabling clients to fulfill all purchase requirements, from goods weighing only 10 points to diamond of exceptional size, of 10 carats and more.

3. If it’s fancy color #diamonds that you require, #MID is able to fit the bill, selling both loose stones in a variety of colors and hues, and stones set in one-of- a-kind #jewelry.

4. When you work with MID you enjoy the benefits of being served by a major diamond corporation, in terms of range and variety of stock. But you also are dealing with a family-owned company, where attention is friendly, intimate and personal. You get the best of both worlds.

5. MID embodies the concept of “think globally, act locally,” encompassing the globe but maintaining a physical presence in eight of the world’s leading diamond centers – Ramat Gan, Antwerp, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Shanghai, London and Tokyo. This means it is operating literally around the clock, seven days a week.

So for those who are considering a visit to #CARAT+ at the Antwerp Expo this coming week, set up a meeting with one of the MID representatives at the show:

*David Meirov , email:
*Keren Benarosh, email
*Natalia Talianova, email:
*Puzant Toruslu, email:

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MID House of Diamonds attends all the major trade shows worldwide.
On March 23rd we will be attending Baselworld 2017 show which is the most important marketplace and trendsetting show for the world’s watch, fine jewelry, and loose diamond industries.
Book an Appointment with us now at the
MID House of Diamonds - Hall 3.1 Booth B-07.
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