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Awesome birthday present from my colleagues, thanks (in part) to +Ordnance Survey​!

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FUNNY journalism from +WIRED about #Swindon

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This is a great video from +Christians in Politics: A great reminder of the importance of disagreeing well. #Brexit 

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Is anyone else getting too many notifications about leaving to go to an appointment in Google now?

It's told me 3 times so far when to leave, 3 hours ahead of leaving time, and it's only 5 minutes away.

Super-prepared much?

#android #google

+Artem Russakovskii​

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For people wondering which way to vote in the upcoming EU referendum, you might be interested to see this film.

I'm not yet aware of a similar film in favour of staying in, but will share if one comes to my attention. #eu #brexit #voteleave

Er, why is my Google Play Music web interface purple?

#googleplaymusic #google #googleplay

EDIT: It's to remember Prince.


RIP Ronnie Corbett

Instagram introduces longer videos. Snapchat introduces audio and stickers. Social media is all blurring into one, with no distinctions. #socialmedia
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