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Small marine organisms could dramatically impact our climate 
In the future, warmer waters could significantly change ocean distribution of populations of phytoplankton, tiny organisms that could have a major effect on climate change. This week researchers reported that by the end of the 21st century, warmer oceans will cause populations of these marine microorganisms to thrive near the poles and shrink in equatorial waters. In tropical oceans, there could be a 40 percent drop in potential diversity of phytoplankton from a poleward shift in species thermal niches. 
Image: NOAA 
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...and what does that do to the distribution of the most important organisms - I speak of viruses, naturally?  We have material coming back from a two-way north-south transect from Cape Town to Antarctica in a couple of months; we also have a Cape Town to Perth west-east transect we are about to get to.  This is going to be sooooo interesting!!!
No viruses without hosts, so I would predict that the virus population would change in proportion to the phytoplankton. 
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