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Thank you very much waiter for walking around your café singing 'Cause you're a skyyyy, cause you're a skyyyy full of stars every 2 minutes. Just that line. Over and over and over again. Now I have to try to get that earworm out of my head.
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Somebody get this lady a cocktail, stat! 
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Why do big companies still launch iPhone-only apps?

Android has a much larger smartphone market share than iPhone, so why are companies still launching apps for iPhone only? I don't get it.

Looking at you, +Qantas. Surely you have the resources to get both versions developed at the same time?

#android   #iphone   #apps   #androidapps   #iphoneapps   #appstore   #googleplay   #qantas  
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Mixed emotions as I (voluntarily) hand over my absolute favourite Twitter account to someone else after today. I have to let it go or I'll lose my sanity. 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 5 whole years! (12,300 tweets.) It's been a blast, but it's time to reclaim my life. I'll miss it though! 

#twitter #socialmediamarketing #smm #coffscoast 
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Congratulations on your hard work- what an achievement. Time and space for something new... 
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EU ruling: Google must delete certain search results on request

Wow. Very interesting ruling by the highest court in the EU. How on earth is that going to be implemented/policed? Google would need to hire thousands of staff to deal with request, I'd imagine.

"The top European court has backed the "right to be forgotten" and said Google must delete "inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant" data from its results when a member of the public requests it."

#Google #search #SEO #reputationmanagement 
Individuals have right to control their data and can ask search engines to remove results, says European court
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Micky Stuivenberg

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I'm featured in the "Business Minds" section of Coffs Coast Focus magazine issue 44 (May 2014).

You can read it here: - but I've also copied the interview below for easier reading.

Coffs Coast Focus - Business Minds 

Interview with Micky Stuivenberg – Triple W Communications

1. Tell us a little bit about your background and how you came to be in Coffs Harbour.

I came to Coffs Harbour in 2005 to take up a job at Coffs Council as its web content manager. Three years later I started my own business in professional copywriting and website consulting, specialising in web content and SEO.

Before my husband and I moved to Australia, I had lived, studied and worked in 5 other countries, and I enjoy immersing myself in different cultures. 

In Singapore, I was part of a pioneering team of online journalists and content producers at The Straits Times when newspapers were only just starting to move online. I have also been editor of a European business travel magazine and worked in international marketing communications.

2. Your business, Triple W Communications, is focused on the art of good communication. What sort of professional services do you provide clients?

I help businesses communicate more effectively online. Around 80% of my work involves writing or rewriting website content so it’s clear, concise, persuasive, and optimised for search engines. 

Some businesses aren’t good at writing appealing copy that explains their unique selling propositions to their target market. By writing convincing, optimised content for my clients’ websites, I help them improve their Google rankings and increase their sales and enquiries.
I was one of the first dedicated web content writers in Australia with thorough knowledge of search engine optimisation (SEO). My website ranks very well for the keywords (search terms) I optimised it for. Almost all of my new business comes via my website. 

Businesses often get a pretty website designed but then don’t get any visitors or don’t make any sales because they haven’t put any thought or effort into their text. That’s where I come in. A one-off investment in high-quality content quickly pays off. 

My 20 years’ experience in marketing communication, copywriting, journalism, internet entrepreneurship, website editing and SEO has given me a valuable skillset that allows me to transform boring company jargon into powerful, concise content that sells.

Besides content writing and editing, I also do website evaluations and SEO consultations, provide content and social media marketing advice, and write articles, feature stories and marketing materials. Travel writing is one of my specialties.

3. Micky, when you’re not in Coffs Harbour, we understand there’s a good chance you’re in Europe. Tell us about this.

I work for clients around Australia and overseas. They find my website and email me the details of their project. I don’t need to meet them face-to-face, which means I can do my job from anywhere. My husband and I love Europe, so we’ve decided to spend more time there while keeping our home base in Coffs Harbour. Having travelled the world, we recognise that Coffs is one of the best places to live. 

4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is regarded as a highly skilled and intricate profession. How did you come to be in this field?

About a decade ago, I realised how important SEO was to online success and noticed many solid SEO techniques involved writing. I then took several advanced SEO courses because I saw a niche in the market for a professional web copywriter with both marketing and SEO skills. It’s great to see how my optimised content and advice can make someone’s business more successful.

I closely follow reputable SEO industry leaders to keep my skills up to date. Since 2009, I am also a part-time online SEO tutor at Search Engine College, which has students in over 60 countries.

Unfortunately, SEO got a bad name due to unscrupulous operators using spammy tactics such as hidden text, keyword stuffing and paid links. It’s good to see Google is cracking down on this, and many websites that tried to take a short-cut have lost their rankings. 

I’ve only ever advocated and applied sound, industry-accepted (“white-hat”) SEO methods that adhere to Google’s guidelines, so Google’s algorithm updates don’t affect my clients’ websites. My focus has always been on useful content and tags using logical keywords.

5. What are your tips for business owners looking to improve the SEO of their website?

I could mention a hundred things, but here are three tips that can make a real difference in your rankings. 

1. Keywords: For each important page on your site, think of words and phrases people might type into Google to find that particular information. Then ensure you use those words on that page a few times (but don’t overdo it).

2. Title tags: Use those same keywords in the title tag for that page, as Google also uses title tags to determine what a page is about. Write unique, descriptive title tags for all your pages and limit them to around 55 characters to fit in the search results. 

3. Content marketing: Regularly add fresh, valuable content such as blog posts and share it via social media channels. This is a reliable SEO strategy to attract visitors and links. 

Incidentally, Google has also identified the quality of writing on a website as a ranking factor. They have an algorithm that recognises bad writing and multiple typos and will devalue a website if the writing isn’t up to scratch. 

6. As a content writer, you must have a love for the written word. How did this develop?

I’ve always loved writing. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Management, and all my jobs have involved writing and editing. In writing, I can really craft a story that draws people in and takes them on an interesting journey. 

However, I’ve never liked flowery writing. I’m very direct and I love cutting out fluff. Since writing for the web is all about clarity and getting straight to the point, my job suits me to a T. 

I’m also very inquisitive. I ask questions readers would ask, and make sure the content answers them. Nobody likes a website with irrelevant content.

7. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Content is King’ over the past few years. Can you share your philosophy on this?

Google’s advice to website owners has always been to have well-written, informative content, but recently they have increased the focus on this. Content in itself isn’t king, but GOOD content is invaluable. 

Using the right words gets your site found in search engines, keeps people interested, and turns visitors into customers. 

People come to a website to get information, solve a problem, buy a product or hire someone. Your content needs to be structured logically and answer people’s questions or they will take their business elsewhere. 

8. What are the top three things a business website should feature?

1. Details of all your products and services. People want to know if you have or can do what they need. Be specific and don’t just list features but describe benefits.

2. An informative About Us page and full contact details. People prefer buying from businesses they trust, so be authentic, use real photos, and make it easy for people to contact you.

3. Testimonials. Anyone can claim they’re the best, but nothing beats other people vouching for your business. 

Thank you Micky.
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Thanks kindly, +Elizabeth Bond. 
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Hoping for clear skies so we can see this "big red moon" early this evening. Anyone planning to go anywhere special to see it?

On the east coast of Australia, the moon will rise just before 5.30pm, when the total lunar eclipse has already started, and will start to move out of the earth's shadow around 6.30pm. The eclipse will be over by about 7.30pm. 

SMH story:
Sky-watchers are expected to forgo Creedence Clearwater Revival's warning and venture out for a ''bad moon on the rise'' on Tuesday night.
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It was very feint but we saw it and became brighter as the eclipse moved on.
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My new WiFi router gives me a 20Mbps download speed, but I've found out that's only when I'm in the same room. I moved my office upstairs and suddenly everything times out on me. Speedtest result: 0.6Mbps! Whaaat? Time to buy a WiFi range extender, I guess. 
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Yes you always lose some speed with wifi, but usually when your speed is good it doesn't matter much. This, however, is of course totally unacceptable. Unfortunately the connection is downstairs and we don't want to have to drill holes and lay cables through the walls, ceiling/floor. I'll try a WiFi repeater/extender first. Fingers crossed that'll bring my speed back up to something that's workable.
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Most of us know this, but it's good to see this study confirms you shouldn't be too self-promotional in your content marketing. That kills trust and may well lose you potential clients.

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Haha, this is brilliant! New-Age Bullshit Generator. 

Just click at the top to refresh and get another full page of "New Age poppycock".
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Glad u liked +Lisa Cropman Nothing like a bit of brainless language humour when you work with words for a living. 
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Micky Stuivenberg

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Travel-writing clichés: 10 phrases to avoid.

Just found this travel-writing cliché top 10 and wanted to share.

I must admit, I'm guilty of using some of these in travel stories. Will remember to try to avoid them from now on.

No more best-kept secrets boasting  breathtaking views and crystal-clear waters. :-)

Hat-tip to +Valerie Khoo and +Allison Tait for unearthing this 
(+Australian Writers' Centre podcast, episode 10).
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Micky Stuivenberg

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Terminology tweaks appear in Google Analytics… Visits becomes Sessions and Unique Visitors becomes Users.

It's also time to prepare for redefined metrics in the world of Universal Analytics. Time for User Conversion Rate?
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Micky Stuivenberg

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I love maps. All sorts of maps. Here's a fun one, titled "What each country leads the world in". You can zoom in to read the smaller entries. Check out Australia...
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I am an international SEO Web Copywriter, Web Content & Usability Specialist and Website/SEO/Social Media Consultant - servicing clients around the world.

I love helping small businesses make their websites more successful and improve their overall online presence.

My background is in marketing communications, copywriting and editing, advertising, public relations and online journalism.

I've lived in 6 countries on 4 different continents, but my husband and I are currently settled in beautiful Coffs Harbour on the east coast of Australia (between Sydney and Brisbane).
Our company is called Triple W Communications Pty Ltd and the SEO & content arm of the business operates under the name Content Writer.

Find out more about me, Website Copywriter Micky Stuivenberg, on my Content Writer website.

Bragging rights
The SEO I applied to my own website has brought me a steady stream of clients from across the globe from day 1. I have never had to advertise my business to find clients.
  • University of South Australia
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  • Benson Sr High School
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