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Hey all. I'm looking to deploy about 12 Ubiquiti unifi switches in a building that's currently under construction. We've traditionally used HP or Dell switches but the price of those brands is significantly higher making the Ubiquiti gear very attractive.
The downside I see for Ubiquiti is around the support side of things which looks minimal especially here in Australia. This is mitigated by the fact I can afford to buy spare switches and put them on the shelf.
I'd like to hear from anyone who has an existing deployment and is willing to share their experience with these switches, good, bad, fugly I'd like to hear.

Btw this is being deployed in a school and of I can get it right will probably work through our current network and replace the rest of the switches we currently have as a 10Gb backbone upgrade.

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Excel - Copy and transpose multiple rows of data into a single column
I had a problem recently where I had to migrate data from one booking system to another. The complicating factor was the original booking system had one record for a booking with multiple venues and the venues were stored in a single field. The destination ...

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+Paul Swanson​ ever wondered where the unbreakable came from? Watch the interview to the end.

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Duude! I'll put up with spam to have a chance at winning this!
Win an #Intel NUC Home lab Powered by #Nutanix CE & Create your Dream Lab right at Home Enter Today!

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Had a go at installing Foswiki today. Looks like a worthy successor to our old Twiki install. 

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+Paul Swanson​ new toy to play with and I have to say the capabilities are jolly amazing.
Cost is comparable to the Xirrus stuff and you get a whole tonne of analytics of the back of them.
As our use has changed from covering large areas with big arrays to one array/ap per classroom Xirrus starts to lose its edge and other vendors start to become much more interesting. 

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Gotta love a good bit of extortion. These guys want $108US to remove you from their blocklist.

Going to have to leave the community if the spam keeps up.
Problem I'm seeing is that reporting a post in the g+ app doesn't make it disappear. If you refresh the feed the post comes back.
Going to try muting next.

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How to clear all events from your Google Calendars
We use Google calendars for our student timetables and periodically need to wipe the events in all of the calendars to update them all as we've found that starting from a clean slate is easier. The Google Apps script above will clean out all events that are...

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+Fortinet How to change inspection mode when you have VDOMs enabled isn't exactly clear in the available documentation. Thought this might help clear it up for those that need to know.
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